The Killing Jar


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Reviewed by sorandor 7

When i first saw this movie appear on my local DVD store shelf, i wondered why it never saw light of day at my local cinema.<br/><br/>Michael Madsen and Amber Benson are the main stars here, and they put in a couple of fine performances. Possibly Michael Madsen most similar performance since his infamous role one in Reservoir Dogs. In fact, there is even a &quot;Mr Green&quot; here too! The film is shot entirely in one location (a diner) during one particular night. The diner is home to Noreen, a waitress who although unsatisfied with her job, is the type of small town girl who is happy to just do it. Meanwhile, the patrons comprise of various people who are stopping by on their way through, and we get to know each one a little more in detail as the movie progresses.<br/><br/>The movie flows along at a steady pace, and the director ensures this is maintained throughout the movie. This is a positive thing, as it allows us to enter the small town philosophy a little easier. The music throughout is also excellently chosen, and by the time the titles came up at the end i was ready to rush out and buy the CD.<br/><br/>However, one essential thing to take into account when you watch this movie is, don&#39;t take it too seriously. I became a little frustrated at why some parts of the story weren&#39;t removed and other parts put in. For example, why out of two strangers who walk into a diner does Noreen warm to one, and alienate the other all based on a radio report? And why doesn&#39;t the director utilise the video camera that the 2 kids bring to the diner to add some depth to the plot? But maybe this on purpose, as a red herring for people who look too deep into plot lines. <br/><br/>Putting these small gripes aside, if you enjoy a small town thriller that may have a small budget, but sure has a big heart, fried up with a couple of fine performances then this is a great Saturday night movie.<br/><br/>I certainly enjoyed it, and whilst it wont go down as a classic, i would recommend it for those late night Saturday blues, its intriguing, exciting, but if you&#39;re looking for a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this isn&#39;t the one for you.

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Reviewed by playboy69-1 5

The movie plays in a little coffee-bar only, different people come together. It&#39;s an interesting play of tension and violence. The movie is professional done while it&#39;s still a rather cheap production (probably the salary for Michael Madsen and the other actors was by far the most expensive thing). Good actors in this movie, good acting by them. It&#39;s by far not a brilliant movie, I wouldn&#39;t even say it&#39;s very good. It&#39;s a good movie, an OK movie, that is quite entertaining and let&#39;s the time go by fast. You will want to see it through to the end after the first 20 or so minutes at least that&#39;s how it was for me. A must for Michael Madsen Fans, and still a possibility for everyone else.

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Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 5

When a mysterious stranger (Madsen) enters a diner after news of a killing spree, secrets become revealed. After hearing about a brutal killing, a mysterious stranger comes in to a diner at closing time. The waitress and the six customers begin to think this stranger is the killer. After taking control of the situation the stranger begins to uncover secrets of the hostages. Not everyone is who they seem to be. This is yet another movie with a lot of potential but doesn&#39;t keep your attention. There are some pretty intense parts but overall pretty slow moving. It&#39;s not terrible but not a great first choice for nightly entertainment. I give it a C.<br/><br/>Would I watch again? - No, this is a movie that doesn&#39;t get better with repeated viewings.

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