The Jerky Boys


Comedy / Crime

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Reviewed by GCardieri 10

I enjoy a good comedy, but it must have a good plot. Dumb and Dumber and Road Trip are my two other favorite comedies. This film is not only damn hilarious, but it provides an awesome story. The mob elements arent cheesy either, they are actually pretty good.

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Reviewed by harvurd 7

Yeah, this is a moronic movie. For those who haven't heard the boys' prank calls (which I find funny, and even sometimes clever), their jokes will fall pretty flat. They just don't work on-screen. And for those of us who HAVE heard their old stuff, the movie serves as a rehash and seems "old hat." The only reason I rented this was to get a look at the faces behind the voices--doesn't Johnny B. look like a chubby Sean Astin with a mullet-like hairdo? Stick to their audio-only work.

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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 7

&quot;The Jerky Boys&quot; is mostly an excuse to be silly. The plot is that slackers Johnny and Kamal spend their lives making prank phone calls and inadvertently call a mob boss (Alan Arkin), pretending to be another mafioso, thereby starting a wacky chain of events. I actually thought that the best parts were the pranks. Still, the flick&#39;s an overall fun romp. Far from the funniest movie ever, but OK for a viewing. As it was, I saw this movie right after I first learned of Alan Arkin by seeing &quot;Catch-22&quot;, so this was a real surprise. And now he&#39;s won an Oscar! <br/><br/>Anyway, pretty funny. Also starring William Hickey (the mob boss in &quot;Prizzi&#39;s Honor&quot; and the patriarch in &quot;Mouse Hunt&quot;).

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