The Jade Pendant


Drama / History

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Reviewed by lonetrombone 7

If you can get past the made-for-TV quality of this movie, it has a good love story. Sadly, during the "Chinese massacre of 1871," an estimated 17-20 Chinese immigrants were hanged in Los Angeles by an angry mob of 500 people.

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Reviewed by Lillyrowe 10

After having seen Detroit, which focuses on some really heavy history, I came across The Jade Pendant , which also focuses on some awful history, I was very moved by the amount of time we got to meet these characters, be interested in them and then fall in love. The landscape of this only adds to the story which follows across a very talented cast.

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Reviewed by Foutainoflife 7

A romantic drama set amidst the lynching of Chinese immigrants in 1871.<br/><br/>This is a B movie with a nice story. The acting is decent even if the production quality is somewhat lacking. It&#39;s better than an average B film and credit should be given where credit is due. I ended up really enjoying it. I&#39;m glad I watched it.

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