The Heartbreak Kid


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Reviewed by riley_abbott 7

Definitely not filmed in Sydney this one. Someone needs to update this

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Reviewed by Mr_Buller 7

This rather rare Austrailian film actually acts as somewhat of a pilot episode to the amazing series Heartbreak High. Several of the same characters are in this movie but i'm pretty sure only Rivers is played by the same actor. The story line of the film with Nick falling in love with the teacher was also repeated in the series only with Rivers eloping with a teacher. The film is an interesting insight to the first ideas of the characters which would later become more developed in the series, but you can see the startings with the strong links to the Greek community and to football (soccer) in the lead character. I know you can't get the series on DVD not sure about this film. I saw it by chance on BBC 2 several years ago, definitely worth a look if you're a fan of the show if you get a chance.

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Reviewed by erica_lotsip 7

I have recently seen this film and I thought I just had to write about it. What I liked about it was the truth in it, the innocent love and to have strength to do something like "papa" and "Nick" did. Another great thing about it is the end, through the whole film I thought to myself; ohh this is going to end like that, but when the movie was over it had surprised me, because it was nothing like I thought it would end, only much better. Without telling to much, go see the movie, it will surprise you.

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