The Hate U Give


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Reviewed by neilahunter 7

I note the very large number of one star reviews of a film that has only played festivals - hmm, that&#39;s curious. What could that be about?<br/><br/>For the record (and I&#39;m not the film&#39;s target audience) this is a rather sophisticated YA film, a mix of teen romance, female self-empowerment, and the politics of Black Lives Matter. Chewy subject matter - police violence, the unconscious racism of bien-pensant privileged whites, divisions within the black community - is treated quite interestingly. There are contrivances, but for all that, it&#39;s very well done and I suspect it will be a hit.

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Reviewed by dbottom-96340 1

While I was moved by Starr&#39;s situation, I could not get past the Black Panther racist Ten Point Program and other ignorance, therefore I did not finish the movie. The police officer was obviously in the wrong and should be punished, but demanding justice before an investigation has even been completed is only asking for blood. Too bad.

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Reviewed by nicholasHasaDog 10

Beautiful, thought-provoking, well-crafted gem-thank you to everyone involved in making this wonderful film. Although this film is a &quot;message movie,&quot; it&#39;s not one told through narrow-minded tunnel vision; I think the author (Angie Thomas) of the book, that this film is based on, understands the frustrating fact that some of the worst issues that need fixing have no quick and easy solutions, and are complex and take time for the human mind to understand (especially to the minds of those who aren&#39;t being affected / victimized, who inevitably take longer to understand). Fortunately this movie provides a narrative that can help one consider the issue of racial bias.<br/><br/>In addition to being a wonderful social commentary, it&#39;s also a wonderful film and story in general. Honestly I loved the music, all the scenes, the complexity of the situation the main characters find them in, I loved the ending, and I loved the characters.<br/><br/>When I saw the 5.9 on imdb but higher critic score, I thought this movie simply got good reviews from the critics because the critics liked that it brought up a real-life issue that needed to be delved into and explored, but that it was boring to the audience who might not care about social issues as much, but now after watching it... I wonder if the people who rated it low even watched the film, or they simply thought it was some sort of ignorant propaganda biased on the trailers. I promise you it&#39;s not that; it&#39;s a complex, thought-provoking fictional world that mirrors issues of the real world in the best way possible.<br/><br/>I&#39;m not black btw, and that&#39;s all the more reason why I should be a member in the audience; I&#39;ve never experienced anything like this first hand. If a God said this film could only be shown to every black person in America or every non-black person, I would say with absolute certainty that every non-black would be the ones who need to see it. But it&#39;s a really good film for everyone, regardless of race. Even if you&#39;re not too interested in social issues, it&#39;s just a good story in general to get absorbed in for a couple hours.<br/><br/>So good... 9/10 from me, but the 5.9 makes me give it a bit of extra credit, so I gave it a 10.

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