The Guard of Auschwitz


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Reviewed by jeltestienstra 3

For starters, why in earth do the actors speak english with a very bad german accent. That fact alone makes it unwatchable. I think that if the movie was spoken in german, it would have been way better to watch. The story an sich is not badly told but the actors lack charisma.

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Reviewed by naomiarcher-27517 9

This film brought to life a real and heart wrenching scenario of just some of the atrocities that happened during the Second World War. Michael McKell plays an evil SS officer perfectly and his daughter Claudia Grace McKell played Helena, who delivered a wonderful performance along with her Co star Lewis Kirk who played a compassionate guard, also a great performance.The film was excellent and I highly recommend viewing. I would like to have seen the ending on a more dramatic and happier note. Although the only happy outcome of WW2 was the death of the Fuhrer.

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Reviewed by chilvers-74947 10

Thought provoking. Amazing. It's wrong to say I enjoyed this movie as it is such a harsh eye opener but I did enjoy it. Sad awful truth of the sick minds of the war. Very well portrayed .

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