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Reviewed by bdeckcabin84 10

Widescreen, Technicolor and the best round up of girls since "The Women". What more could you ask? All the girls are great, but Jessica Walter is outstanding as she changes from self-assured sexy-romantic to a gossiping sexually repressed Bitch! No one else at that time could have played that part so beautifully. The movie addresses some women's issues that were not commonly discussed back in the 60's. Abuse, mental illness, pregnancy, drugs. Candice Bergen, Shirley Knight, Elizabeth Hartman, these are all stage trained actresses, and the lovely Joan Hackett who died much too soon but while she was here always gave a top notch performance. Script/dialogue, camera work, all first class.

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Reviewed by JayeB 7

I saw this film last night and was absolutely stunned by how excellent it was. Not only did it seem to be one of the first 'chick flicks' (sorry for anyone who hates that title) but it was incredibly brave to deal with extremly contentious issues. The colours and the costumes in the film made the film seem like a true snapshot for life for seven educated women getting by in the first half in the century. It did not shy away from the issues of sex, and mental illness which is brave for a film made over thirty years ago. I started watching this film because I couldn't sleep but ended up watching it until 2.30am defintely entertaining and possibly superior to 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'??

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Reviewed by thefan-2 9

Based on the Mary McCarthy novel about depression-era Vassar grads. First big roles for: Candice Bergen, as a snooty lesbian; Larry Hagman, young, skinny and already obnoxious; Carrie Nye (Mrs. Dick Cavett); Elizabeth Hartman, who killed herself a few years ago; exquisite Joan Hackett, who never lived up to her potential and died ridiculously young; a pre-"Soap" Richard Mulligan surprisingly convincing as the sexy bohemian cad who breaks Hackett's heart (in real life, they were married); Hal Holbrook, straight from his "Mark Twain Tonight" show; young James Broderick as a young doctor; an incredibly sexy Jessica Walter; a lusty young Shirley Knight. A must-see.

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