The Good Earth


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Reviewed by alfiefamily 7

Let&#39;s eliminate any discussion about the use of non-Asian actors playing Asian roles. The movie is 67 years old. In 1937 studio chiefs believed that any actor could/should be able to play any role. Actors were under contracts, and did not always have a choice about what role they played. End of story.<br/><br/>This is a truly great epic story of love, individual rights, class strata, and men/women issues. The centerpiece of the film is two brilliant performances by Luise Rainer and Paul Muni. <br/><br/>Muni plays Wang, a Chinese farmer, who is about to take a wife (Rainer). From the start, he treats her with respect, during a time when women were looked on as little more than hired help. Without giving too much of the movie away, they go through the highs and lows of all relationships, and even though the story may take place in late 19th/early 20th century,the story and much of their feelings, seems credible.<br/><br/>Other than the fact that the movie is about 5-10 minutes longer than it needs to be, and the performances of Charley Grapewin and Walter Connolly are typical 1930&#39;s cartoon characters, this is a really wonderful movie that, unfortunately, has become a victim of political correctness.<br/><br/>9 out of 10

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Reviewed by felixoscar 7

Sure, 65 years have passed since Thalberg&#39;s last production was filmed. But fellow IMDB members, come on, this movie is surely one of the masterpieces of the 30&#39;s! It is a 10.<br/><br/>This was the first movie I saw at New York&#39;s Museum of Modern Art, around 1970 (I was a teenager). Expensive looking yet with scenes of such poverty, masterfully photographed, often thrilling, and always engaging, to me it was MGM movie-making at its best. What did audiences feel when they glimpsed a locust attack, the person by person destruction of a mansion, the horrific poverty and then the splendor of wealth.<br/><br/>Last week, those watching the Academy Awards had a glimpse of the &quot;senior&quot; Oscar winner in attendance, Luise Rainer. How grand to see an actress who arguably delivered one of the most masterful, haunting performances in history electing to return for a celebration.<br/><br/>Ok, so she should not have won the year before (Great Ziegfeld), but don&#39;t blame Luise. Talkies were only a decade old when this was released, and her dialogue limited. But as Olan, her use of visual and vocal is memorable.<br/><br/>Large scale and touching, what more could a movie lover want!

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Reviewed by timmauk 10

This is where the term &quot;classic film&quot; comes from. This is a wonderful story of a woman&#39;s bravery, courage and extreme loyalty. Poor Olan got sold to her uncaring husband, who through the years learned to appreciate her. (Yeah right, A PEARL!!) <br/><br/>Luise Rainer was the beautiful star who had won the Best Actress Oscar the year before for her small role (and what a waste of an oscar) in &quot;The Great Zigfield&quot;. It really didn&#39;t show what, if any, talent she had other than her exotic beauty. But in &quot;Good Earth&quot; she shows that she can really act! Her beauty was erased and she had no great costumes either. People say that she didn&#39;t show any real emotions in this film. Like hell. Her character Olan is a shy and timid woman, with inner strength. She is quiet during parts of the film with only her eyes and body to convey her emotions. Example: those scenes during the fall of the city and when looters were being shot. If you people are saying that she doesn&#39;t act well in this film, you are NOT looking!<br/><br/>Paul Muni shows that he can act as well. His character is not a likeable one to me. He never sees her for what she is, until the very end of the story. A sweet loving and dedicated wife and mother, with her own special beauty. The greatest one of all, the beauty from within, like a pearl.<br/><br/>If you get a chance to see this film, watch it. You will see one of the best films that the golden age of Hollywood created.

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