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Reviewed by north_eastsider 8

I saw this movie at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison on April 1 and it was great!- no April Fools. The movie does a great job poking fun at the way of life of people from Northern Wisconsin. The laughs are constant and not the same jokes and situations seen in every Hollywood comedy. The music was written by the BoDeans, a Wisconsin group, famous for the the lead song from the "Party of Five" television show. (Song's name was Closer to Free). From it's Packers/Bears jokes to referencing the "Macarena", this movie kept you laughing. The movie stars Pete Schwaba ( A Guy Thing) who wrote the story, Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) who plays his love interest, Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) as local comedian, and Tony Goldwyn (Ghost) as the Godfather himself. The movie also includes Mark Borchardt, a successful independent movie maker (American Movie) who plays a local dj.

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Reviewed by iKramerica-1 9

People compare this film to sideways, including those involved, but as a film, I think it&#39;s better. No, there&#39;s no pretentious wine tasting, but unlike sideways, you don&#39;t hate the characters by the end.<br/><br/>Anyway, I admit I was invited to the screening by Pete, but I only know him because we both write at the same coffee shop in LA. I never actually talked to him before he handed me the flier.<br/><br/>I was nervous that I&#39;d have to say nice things about a bad film, but this was one of the most enjoyable films I&#39;ve seen in a long while, and the whole audience laughed a lot. Very impressive.<br/><br/>And Thomas Lennon, who plays D.U.G. was fantastic. For those who don&#39;t know the name, he plays Lt. Dangle on Reno 911. Well written and acted role for him in this film.<br/><br/>If you want to laugh and have a good time, see this movie if you can. They are trying to get distribution, an uphill battle, but if any Indy comedy deserves to be seen, it&#39;s this one!<br/><br/>BTW - the 1 star guy? He has something against pete, and should be ignored. Even if you don&#39;t like a movie, it takes a lot to give it a 1 out of 10. even catwoman and electra aren&#39;t 1 out of 10. giving a 1 star to &quot;balance&quot; things is not how ratings are supposed to work.<br/><br/>there&#39;s enough backbiting and hatred in Hollywood. let&#39;s not take down a nice little movie that is fun to watch just out of spite.

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Reviewed by makte 10

Non-stop laughs throughout this Sideways meets Fargo type buddy movie. Its filled with original, colorful characters that you end up loving by the end. The main character is full of quick lines, but really plays the straight man to a dine and dash buddy who pulls him back to his hometown in a backdoor attempt to get on the Tonight Show. The characters in the town of Pine Lake really make the film. Dug, played by Thomas Lennon, steals every scene he is in. Ratboy, is the funniest character of all with his brilliant facial expressions and love of hunting. The Godfather&#39;s creepy but ridiculous fascination with the Macarena will make you bust out laughing. You begin to see the whole town the way the main character does, at first skeptical and weird and by the end laughing at everything. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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