The Future of Work and Death


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The usual pie in the sky fantasizing about a future based on their convenient narrative leaving out variables aplenty. Notably missing is any concern over the consequences of a dysgenic environment where a vast underclass are paid to breed once made obsolete by automation. They speak of repetitive jobs being replaced by higher skill jobs, but they don&#39;t contemplate the problem of what to do with people who can&#39;t meet that mark, not everyone can &quot;learn to code&quot; as they say. Every state with a generous welfare state is currently in negative dysgenic fertility, and it will only become worse in their imagined future.<br/><br/>It isn&#39;t simply about the poor, as the system is set up to sterilize the female population based on educational &quot;merit&quot;, the further along in her studies, the fewer children she will have. Add to this the accumulation of spiteful mutations due to increased infant survival rates thanks to modern medicine and you have a population filled with not just ever more dysfunction, but disruptive dysfunction.<br/><br/>And don&#39;t tell me about the flynn effect, its the least general intelligence(G) related potion of IQ tests and has been used by dishonest academics to hide the ugly fact of dropping IQ around the world.<br/><br/>So documentaries like this are a bit like someone worrying about their leaking plumbing when their house is on fire. Mouse utopia is becoming a reality while the population becomes ever more fractured and incapable, the future will not function as they imagine it will, and they are not as thoughtful a class of people as they wish to portray themselves. Their colleagues who even broach such questions face being ostracized and driven out of academia as its no longer about intellectual exploration, its about falling in line, and such people will not likely have an accurate view of the future.

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