The Final Inquiry


Adventure / Drama

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Reviewed by Julie Workman 7/10

If you enjoy Biblical film, you should enjoy this and add it to yourcollection. I&#39;m not sorry I purchased it. Lundgren &amp; Liotti arefabulous to look at and Monica Cruz is no slouch either (she looks justlike her sister, Penelope).<br><br>The story-line is great. I wonder where the &quot;Goofs&quot; section is under&quot;Fun Stuff&quot; on IMDb, as this film was not devoid of them. For example,the rolling away of the massive stone at the tomb of Lazarus. It wasdone by one guy while another stood with a piece of lumber to assist byprying it but really did nothing, which would not have been possible.Some of the fight scenes just looked very badly done. There was a kissscene wherein saliva strung from one person to another that would havebeen much more watchable had that been edited out. Finally, at the end,the terrain was striped by tire tracks and what looked like a radiotower on a mountain top.

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Reviewed by steven-222 2/10

The original movie, made in 1986 and starring Keith Carradine andHarvey Keitel, is a little-known gem of an intellectual thriller, witha plot that takes numerous unexpected twists.<br><br>This &quot;remake&quot; (hardly that, since the title, basic premise, and name ofthe lead character are all that remain) is essentially a Sunday schoolmovie made by hacks, full of pious posturing. It&#39;s pretty to look at,but utterly lacking in suspense, narrative drive, good acting, or justabout anything else you might desire in a movie.<br><br>I am beginning to think that any movie with Valerio Massimo Manfredi&#39;sname in the credits is going to be very, very bad.

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Reviewed by Maziun 1/10

This is a remake of a 1986 film directed by Damiano Damiani, withHarvey Keitel , Keith Carradine and Phyllis Logan. Well , actually it&#x27;sa very loose remake - the title, basic premise, and name of the leadcharacter are all that remain. I haven&#x27;t seen the 80&#x27;s original , butsome praise it as a clever little thriller.<br><br>When I look at the story here I see a potential for an intriguing andtouching thriller about faith. Unfortunately what we get is badly actedand directed movie that it&#x27;s almost impossible to watch. There is nosuspense and the pacing is dreadful . The acting as I already mentionedis weak &#x96; only Dolph Lundgren and Max von Sydow give decentperformances. It&#x27;s interesting to see Lundgren here. He&#x27;s well castedand does provide some action to the movie , even if he&#x27;s a supportingcharacter. I&#x27;m wondering what he is doing here. This movie has beenproduced by Nu Image &#x96; the same studio that Lundgren has been makinghis last crappy action movies. Was it part of his contract or did hesimply wanted to do something different for his career ? I guess willnever know. Not that it matters.<br><br>The music for this movie was composed by somebody named Morricone.Maybe he is related to Ennio Morricone ? I don&#x27;t know. It&#x27;s a reallynice music and the best part of the movie. I give it 1/10.

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