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Reviewed by nairip 10

The fact that I keep thinking about Moose, feeling sadness and empathy for him is a testament to JT's performance as he shows the innocence in this man's eyes and heart while doing horrible things. Only a great actor can pull this off and he does. He is chilling, scary and heartbreaking at the same time. If Dustin Hoffman and Tom Hanks can get awards so should Travolta. This is a super tough role to play and he does an amazing job, very committed. No one was attacking the Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade as a mentally challenged man so I don't see why The Fanatic should be criticized in any way. This movie make you seat at the edge of your seat, makes you think about social issues, and definitely makes you feel sympathetic towards Moose all due to great directing and superb acting. There should be awards here.

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Reviewed by TwistedContent 6

Naturally, I was anticipating this indie, because I love it when the good old guys take on odd and crazy roles nowadays - no sarcasm whatsoever. It was concerning to see the value of metascore and user reviews, but, nevertheless, I found &quot;The Fanatic&quot; to be quite alright. Let me elaborate.<br/><br/>I have to say I believe that my 6/10 is stemming out partially from a purely subjective viewpoint - objectively it&#39;s probably barely average. What I got from &quot;The Fanatic&quot; was good and pulpy fun, offering us nothing new or original plot-wise, but moving at a steady pace and using Travolta as its main attraction. Mad props to John Travolta, the role of a above 40 years old mentally challenged hardcore horror fan &amp; fanatic memorabilia collector was filled from bottom up with Travolta attacking the role with a sure hand. Like, sue me, but I thought it&#39;s a great, truly effortful performance. The fanatic making us the fanatics out here. All jokes aside, it was Travoltas performance that kept this movie above the water &amp; that&#39;s arguably a fact. From a technical standpoint &quot;The Fanatic&quot; doesn&#39;t excel much, but in no way it&#39;s below average regarding the cinematography &amp; editing. To be honest, stylistically there were a few cool elements, like the occasional time-lapse drawings with the sharp violin original score pieces. The plot is pretty straight forward &amp; gets wobbly towards the end, where I saw the reason for why a lot of people called out the director for hating mentally challenged people. I&#39;m pretty sure those accusations are not correct. While the ending is hard to decipher, translate the point of it (if there&#39;s any), I don&#39;t feel like it&#39;s a completely tasteless ending. It&#39;s different, which is what we, the audience, ask a lot for.<br/><br/>To sum it up, &quot;The Fanatic&quot; is miles form masterpiece, but it&#39;s a solid entertainment with it&#39;s emotional or extremely awkward (in a good way) moments, and, most of all, with John Travolta who&#39;s doing the best he can. My rating: 6/10.

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Reviewed by drpainters 7

The worst part for me is the director (Fred Durst) having Sawa turn on the radio in the car when with his kid, oh hey buddy want to listen to some limo biscuit, oh ya so good. Was my fav growing up to. Blow it out your ass Fred. That said was a creepy movie and one of Travolta&#39;s better movies in recent years or any of his straight to DVD releases.

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