The Devil's Chair


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Reviewed by vivisected 8

I just got back from seeing this movie at the TIFF and I will start out by saying that if you are the type of person who likes to have everything clearly spelled out for you in a movie, this film is not for you. Likewise, if you are looking for a non-stop gorefest, you are likely to be disappointed. All of that aside, I thought the movie to be very interesting and certainly worth the watch. I've never been a fan of movies with narration, but this one executes it quite nicely. The narrative dialogue is witty and often injects a bit of humor into the film. The main story follows a man (Nick) in a mental facility for the criminally insane after he and his girlfriend enter an abandoned asylum and she dies. Nick insists that she was taken by a demonic chair. 4 years later, a doctor has him released, so that Nick, the doctor and his team can explore the scene of the murder and thing quickly go down hill from there. The cinematography in this film is interesting and the sound effects give the movie a lot more edge considering the gore is minimal aside from the liberal use of blood. Overall, this movie was definitely worth watching and I look forward to its release on DVD so I can watch it again!

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Reviewed by ashmeu1 7

People in an old abandoned asylum ? Going crazy ? Dying ?<br/><br/>We&#39;ve already seen it all before, and this time, although the production and cast are decent (the overall sound design is actually quite good despite too many squishy noises), I just can&#39;t help but think of Brad Anderson&#39;s excellent (if flawed in its own ways) &quot;Session 9&quot;. Way better.<br/><br/>Sorry, but since braincells don&#39;t work on cash, a low budget doesn&#39;t excuse a poor script.<br/><br/>So let&#39;s make it short : if you want gore &amp; predictable &quot;twists&quot; you might enjoy this one ; if you&#39;d prefer a better film go for &quot;Session 9&quot;. My vote is 3 out of 10, however totally unreasonably raised to a 5 due to Matt Berry&#39;s appearance (I&#39;m a Boosh fan), and Zoe Keating&#39;s beautiful score.

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Reviewed by gregkae 1

I do appreciate the effort but a pair of suspenders have more suspense than this rotten egg of death. The story evolves around an evil chair adorned with a skull and placed conveniently (probably by some deranged carpenter) in a desolate building, a former asylum. To top it off the main character - a mental patient - continuously delivers a voice-over with a lisp which I believe he suffers from, listening to which is as thrilling as a boat ride on dry land.<br/><br/>Believe me you&#39;ve seen it done before and better (Session 9 anyone?), don&#39;t punish yourself by watching the &quot;Chair&quot;. I dosed off countless times which was about the most refreshing thing about the whole experience.

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