The Devil Has a Name


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Reviewed by frogger2018 9

An evocative film based on a true story of an everyday farmer battling the injustices of the judicial system as well as corporate oil money. Strong performances from a well known cast.

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Reviewed by janesvillite 9

In a time of heightened personal opinion about oil and agriculture industries, this film helps shed light on some hard truths about both. Olmos uses apparently true events to create a narrative of an aging farmer from a dusty town struggling with the problem of the groundwater he uses for irrigation being polluted by a negligent oil company - a company, with any probability, that holds the farmer hostage as he relies on big corporate oil to fuel his day-to-day operations.

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Reviewed by MyIMBMovies 7

This show is worth seeing!!Frustrating that pollution like this is allowed in California, hope this movie can draw attention to it.<br/><br/>.

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