The Demonic Dead


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Reviewed by jonathangeer-63683 1

It amazes me that people invest money, time, resources and effort into movies like this. Do they actually think they're making something that viewers will enjoy watching? I can't believe I kept this on for 15 minutes. This Vargas guy must think he's the next Robert Rodriguez. Try again...or don't.

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Reviewed by methis 1

It took me 2 nights (the first try put me in a coma), but I sat through the whole thing. Some bad movies are funny. This ain't. There needs to be a certain amount of charm present to laugh at a bad film. No charm here. The movie starts with a flashback with the title card "A long time ago." Oh boy. Eric Roberts shows up in that first scene for literally maybe 10 seconds, filmed from above and behind. That framing, and his dark glasses, suggest his reluctance to be associated, as if he's challenging anyone who sees the film to pick him out of a line-up. As for the rest of the "film," it's atrocious. Bad acting; lines are recited as if in a vacuum rather than actually relating with the other characters. Wound make-up that looks like it was made with one of those old Creepy-Crawler machines. There's an exorcism scene where the possession victim's wounds disappear immediately upon dismissal of the demon (jeez, even Regan MacNeil still had scars after her exorcism.) I almost gave up when, halfway through, a montage scene of the main protagonist and his main squeeze goes overlong, set to the most insipid soul ballad ever recorded, with every other line being the character's name ("...Katherine...") I should have thrown in the towel, but I didn't. I wanted to be able to say I saw the whole thing, so I could either find some redeeming value (I didn't), or be able to warn others against wasting their time. Just say no!

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Reviewed by nucclilpunk 1

Don't watch it . It's no good. Wow it's so bad it could be modern art masterpiece. Lol

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