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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yawn-2 10

No, this is not the best film about the Vietnam War; it&#39;s hardly about Vietnam at all. The vets who don&#39;t like it have it wrong, as do the Vietnamese who found it racist. It could be any war, with any combatants. But because the (primary) victims here are recognizable American archetypes, Americans will feel this in their gut more than any other war film I know of. This is one of the very few post-war Hollywood films that shows a sincere reverence for the lives of small town Americans.<br/><br/>After seeing it in a very high quality theater on its initial release, I walked out thinking it was easily one of the best movies I had ever seen - and that I never wanted to see it again. But I looked at it today on cable and found that not much had changed about it, or me. I don&#39;t want to see it again...but I want you to see it.<br/><br/>Even now, the Russian Roulette scene (in context, people: watch all that comes before it first) is the single most intense sequence I&#39;ve seen; it makes the end of &quot;Reservoir Dogs&quot; seem like a cartoon. Best Walken performance, period. Meryl Streep glows, DeNiro has seldom been more affecting. A unique is not surprising that Cimino didn&#39;t have another movie in him after something this wrenching.

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Reviewed by mikeand1-1 10

A comment re the other comments: A lot of the comments criticize the first half hour as being too long. In my opinion, these comments miss the point of the movie.<br/><br/>Of course many of the scenes in the first hour don&#39;t advance the narrative. They&#39;re not supposed to; they&#39;re for character development.<br/><br/>The whole point of the movie is to show us how the various characters were affected by the war. It wouldn&#39;t have worked nearly as powerfully as it does had the first hour been trimmed down. We have to sense the careless and frat-boy-like immaturity of these young men. That&#39;s why the scenes all revolve around frivolity and seemingly senseless boyish behavior; it creates such a stark contrast to the devastated characters of the three who went to war (and the relatively unaffected personalities of those who stayed behind, like Stanley).<br/><br/>The strong points of the film are the outstanding performances of nearly every actor in the movie. Yes, there are technical deficiencies in the sound, but it hardly matters. This is nitpicking compared to the overall construction of the film.

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Reviewed by abelardo64 10

&quot;The Deer Hunter&quot; is 32 years old. How extraordinary to sit through it now. Walking over the politics that divided , somehow, all of its admirers then. &quot;Great film but...&quot; How silly to think of it now. Michael (a sensational young Robert De Niro) is as extreme a character as Rocco was in &quot;Rocco And His Brothers&quot; His goodness, the one that was always there but that he discovers under the most horrendous circumstances, underlined by Stanley Mayers&#39;s &quot;Cavatina&quot; permeates the entire film. I remember thinking, when I saw the film for the first time, that I couldn&#39;t or wouldn&#39;t spend ten minutes with Michael and his friends, the ones we meet at the beginning of the film but by the end I thought of them as brothers and I loved them. I actually loved them. That in itself is a sort of film miracle. John Savage will break your heart, it certainly broke mine and Christopher Walken is absolutely riveting. How strange to tho think that Michael Cimino, still a young man, is nowhere to be seen. Is still a punishment for &quot;Heaven&#39;s Gate&quot; and &quot;Indecent Exposure&quot; or there is something else we don&#39;t know about. The Cimino behind &quot;The Deer Hunter&quot; is a true master.

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