The Dead Center


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Reviewed by TwistedContent 7

When I saw that Shane Carruth is the lead in this I already knew it&#39;s probably going to be something dark and messy with the mind &amp; I wasn&#39;t wrong. These type of movies, mood and atmosphere wise, are my favorite. Having said that, &quot;The Dead Center&quot; is not a perfect movie.<br/><br/>It&#39;s pretty obvious the director didn&#39;t have a lot of money to work with, but that was compensated with some creative, atmosphere building cinematography, editing solutions and practical gore effects. And not only with the technical side - acting also was, for the most part, impressive and believable. The place itself, the hospital, is as authentic and sinister feeling as the characters living and working there. I especially enjoyed the performance by Jeremy Childs, as the otherworldly possessed and troubled mysterious patient. Acting&#39;s on point, but I was the most impressed by the atmosphere, hopeless and evil, the aforementioned aspects of filmmaking plus sound design &amp; original score worked together well and made the movie stand out. So far so good, but the problem lies within the story, or the plot. For the first half the mystery goes on, new things happen - a slow burner but a rather great one. Around the middle the story starts slowing down, stumbles, stops surprising. At the end it leaves You kinda unsatisfied and craving more &amp; You start thinking is there some message there you didn&#39;t quite catch. If that&#39;s the case, can a movie be built on one metaphor? Now, I may not know the full meaning of this movie, but it was mentally extreme &amp; I enjoyed that.<br/><br/>You have to be able to enjoy movies with dark atmosphere, mean spirit, art-house antics, movies about mental illness, and such - if that sounds like a yes to You, I do recommend it. My rating: 7/10.

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Reviewed by ntj-film 8

What a pleasant surprise this little indie feature turned out to be. And while the script might be a tad vague (especially in regards to its big bad) the film is nevertheless impeccably acted and directed, with style and atmosphere to spare. Top that of with a incredible effective score and tenson filled sound design and you&#39;ve got yourself a winner. Just don&#39;t go in expecting jump scare a minute ala IT, The Conjuring or some other Warner/New Line garbage. This is quality slow-burn horror. Hope you enjoy it.

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Reviewed by Jeff_Saps 2

I was mildly expecting something of quality given the 6/7/100 average rating for this movie thus far, however what soon became apparent was transparent, amateur acting throughout,coupled with a student&#39;esque cinematography which is weak and bland throughout. Hard to recommend wasting time watching this movie.

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