The Dark Side of The Moon


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 7

It had been many years since I first saw this movie. Probably about 15 years, but I remember the premise was genuinely freaky and a few scenes stained themselves in my head. Finally after all these years I just got done watching the movie and had to sit through the credits to realize that the movie had ended.<br/><br/>The plot is that it is 2024 and a spaceship is out by the moon. A team is doing their normal routine when they have a power failer. This causes for the ship to not supply them with oxygen. So while they are trying to fix the problem a ship appears out of nowhere that is 30 years old and lands itself in front of them. Apparently the old ship is still functioning and they decide to use the oxygen supply from that ship and that is where everything starts to go wrong.<br/><br/>I was struck with this weird feeling after the movie was over and I wasn&#39;t sure whether or not I liked this movie. It took me about 10 minutes of thinking about this film before I realized that it was really good. The story is good, the acting is good, and the ending is incredibly creepy. I would have to recommend this movie to fans of both horror and sci fi because it really was a very good melding of both styles. In a way, I can see where Event Horizon may have got some of its ideas. 8/10 stars

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Reviewed by morrah 7

Dark Side is quite an original story and deserves a merit for being a well written sci-fi film, apart from inheriting a B movie &#39;feel&#39; about it. It parallels nicely with Event Horizon and Sphere as a movie that fits into the &quot;crisis on a ship&quot; genre. Joe Turkel from Blade Runner is particularly worth watching out for and Leslie the computer has interesting links with HAL from 2001.

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Reviewed by hammer-man 10

This is the most excellent B-movie I have ever seen ! - It&#39;s not an alien-rip, because it&#39;s not about aliens. It&#39;s got a unik plot, and the actors play very good in this low-cost movie. The characters in the movie gets played-out on each other, and their confidence in each other on the team gets tested to the limit. As the movie goes on, the less they trust in each other, and want to blame everyone, but themselfs for what is happening aboard on an alien spacecraft. They all have some great lines in the movie, and I think this will only appear to you, if you see the movie over and over again. I have seen this movie at least 4 times now, and I still love the story behind it all.

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