The Curse of Halloween Jack


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Reviewed by michaeldorris-72070 8

Its obviously made in the same low budget way as the first one but this is a much superior sequel. Better atmosphere, better actors (the lead detective and the bounty hunter are awesome), better death scenes and a better mythology for Halloween Jack. A significant step up from the lukewarm original.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3

This 2019 movie &quot;The Curse of Halloween Jack&quot; was just a tad better than the 2018 movie &quot;The Legend of Halloween Jack&quot;, but not much mind you.<br/><br/>&quot;The Legend of Halloween Jack&quot; is by no means an interesting horror movie, nor is it one that offers anything of any interest or innovation to the horror genre. The movie quickly settles into a monotonous pace and doesn&#39;t really get out of that pace, which makes for a less than generic and mediocre movie experience.<br/><br/>The movie should get some points for trying, and also for actually turning out to be better than the 2018 movie. But truth be told, you don&#39;t need to be familiar with the 2018 movie in order to watch the 2019 movie. There is nothing lost by not having seen it, as this movie doesn&#39;t require anything from the audience in terms of thinking and paying attention.<br/><br/>The acting in the movie was adequate, taking into consideration the limitations of the script and storyline.<br/><br/>As for the villain, Halloween Jack, well... Let&#39;s just say that this was nothing majorly interesting, and the character was pretty laughable actually. A scarecrow come to life with glowing lightbulbs inside his sack-head. Sure, why not... This will not turn out to be a memorable slasher character, not even in the slightest.<br/><br/>All in all, &quot;The Legend of Halloween Jack&quot; wasn&#39;t particularly outstanding, and I am rating it a mere three out of ten stars, because it was quite boring actually.

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Reviewed by gothic-fiction 2

This is so bad, quite worse than an Asylum or SciFi channel production, and that is saying a lot.<br/><br/>Let&#39;s start, the plot makes little sense, the actors are all weak, the characters&#39; reactions are laughable, illogical, and plain ol&#39; weird at best, dialogue comes as a joke, simply put, nothing here makes sense. It is a quite boring as well, the only way it comes off better is whenever you decide to genuinely pay attention to everyone&#39;s reaction, decision, words that are coming out of their mouths. This is not how human beings exist! No, no, nowhere will you find these kind of people, not even in a horror movie!<br/><br/>Therefore, The Curse of Halloween Jack is nothing more than a cash grabbing attempt of a production that will be linked to Halloween thus perhaps it shall do better in rentals in that particularly period of time. And yet, I for one doubt it!<br/><br/>Cheers!

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