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Reviewed by Pedrich 10

I&#39;ve seen their first film The Union, many other pot and drug documentaries and read books by Gabor Matè and Tom Feiling etc. but still Culture High managed to blow my mind.<br/><br/>Like the director Brett Harvey said, Marijuana touches pretty much every issue that is wrong in the world. It&#39;s not that legalizing pot would solve all the problems in the world, but it&#39;s all the injustices in the world that are actually keeping pot illegal.<br/><br/>And it&#39;s not just the topic and the content that makes this film so good. It&#39;s technically and storytelling-wise pure gold. These guys aren&#39;t really pot activist, they are film makers and at least in the field of documentaries, they are one of the best at the moment. I guess the only reason they aren&#39;t more known is because you can&#39;t really get critical acclaim in this world by making a movie about pot - yet ;)<br/><br/>This documentary really has potential to inspire change in the world. So thanks guys for incredible work!

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Reviewed by flinched 10

I&#39;ll spare you the details about why pot should be legal. If you&#39;ve found this movie then you probably already know. And that&#39;s where this documentary has been such a delight to view. It briefly goes into those details and focuses more on the big picture. It posits the question, why did our culture make it illegal in the first place and more importantly why does it continue to keep it illegal by waging a &quot;drug war&quot; that is a clear failure.<br/><br/>From politics, to the media, to the prison industry/asset forfeitures, to drug cartels, to pharmaceuticals, to big corporations, it all boils down to making money. Each has a stake in keeping the status quo and in keeping marijuana illegal. And that&#39;s where this documentary is so much more different than so many other legalize pot docs. It looks at our society as a whole and asks those big questions in an objective manner in spite of its advocacy to legalize pot. Instead of preaching about why pot is so groovy, it focuses on how money corrupts our culture&#39;s institutions and how people are controlled to think a certain way.<br/><br/>Irregardless of the hopelessness and powerlessness one feels when watching how money corrupts almost every aspect of our society, this documentary at the end left me with some feeling of hope that things just might change. Not just in regards to legalizing pot nationally, but that the internet and the flow of information might some day open more doors than those in power keep trying to close. That our society and the world can become a better place.<br/><br/>Rather then get more preachy I&#39;ll just say this, in my humble opinion I would rank this as one of, if not the best documentary on legalizing pot. It&#39;s an all encompassing informative documentary on the topic well worth two hours of your time.

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Reviewed by meltinzone 10

Like a big brother with more knowledge and wisdom up their sleeve, we all watched his little brother, The Union, take a swing as it taught us about the absurdity of cannabis illegality. Now The Culture High feels much like a big brother stepping in and helping to show the little brother how to really swing for the fences! <br/><br/>There are some amazing gems, some truly golden moments, quotes that will go viral from the amazing slew of people interviewed in The Culture High. I found myself saying things like this several times, &quot;Oh wow, so powerful!&quot; &quot;Incredibly well phrased&quot;. There was also a few times I was quite surprised by some facts put forth... and I know a lot about cannabis. Once I even made that noise, you know where you lean forward, your mouth drops open and you make a shocked little &quot;oh!&quot; sound.<br/><br/>I wanted to acknowledge some of the people that blew me away so I started typing celebrity names here, but deleted them because there are so many who are just amazing. When I say celebrities I&#39;m also referring to the doctors, scientists, et al, that just really deliver the goods in this profound documentary. The way interviews were done, filmed and edited together actually had me at one point really holding back tears, though there were several areas different people may find themselves doing the same, because all our stories are different and we all relate to that which hits hardest, home.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t make the mistake of watching The Culture High and expecting it to be &quot;legalise weed&quot; &quot;legalise weed&quot; &quot;rah rah rah&quot; or even just smashing you in the face with a million facts about the awesome cannabis plant. Not that those elements are missing from The Culture High, more just the fact that this time around they&#39;re of greater significant substance and work together to deliver a more important message. <br/><br/>In the two hour runtime The Culture High aims to be much bigger than The Union and to deliver a much more profound message to us all; humanity. The &quot;Culture&quot; High does just that. The pace fast, the strides long, but just slow enough to wait for those uninformed, so we can all get there together.<br/><br/>If you see one documentary this year, make it The Culture High! After all, humanity seems to finally be coming together on this issue, be unfair to let yourself miss out.... ;)

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