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Reviewed by wbsimsjr-32405 4

Just something missing in this B effort.. The zombies..look like they were picked up at the local greasy spoon and got a coat of ketchup and black ink. Not that we'd technically know Zombies would walk....but no effort into convincing zombie choreo. Some scenes just fell flat. It wasn't as horrible as "First Signal" but I wasn't in the mood to watch this anymore than 15 minutes..

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Reviewed by helraizr 4

I actually kinda enjoyed it.. sure there's things wrong with it, but we're not dealing with 5 star actors here... it's amost a ripoff from dawn of the dead without zombies... they got to their island i guess.

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Reviewed by allye-44654 10

I really enjoyed this film. It had a great story and was executed perfectly.

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