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Reviewed by kosmasp 7

There&#39;s something about ... Nun. Could be a different approach or even summary line I guess. There was a time when films had their eyes set upon Nuns and what they did stand for. Or rather the mystery of what might have happened behind close doors. Exploitation movies might have gone the violent route - not that this has not some very graphic scenes either! It does and they are not for the squeamish.<br/><br/>This quite decent overall, if you don&#39;t mind the usual logic omissions (why would anyone overstay their welcome and all those signs that are quite obvious). So if you like horror movies and like to get behind the suspense and like to guess where things might go - well you could do far worse. It&#39;s entertaining and never pretends to be anything it is not

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Reviewed by aldiboronti 4

I don&#39;t know what we&#39;ve done to deserve it but for the last few years you can&#39;t go anywhere near a cinema without tripping over a possessed nun. The film begins in 1619 with a nun whining about the evil she&#39;s brought on the convent. While she whines we see bloodied nuns aplenty, presumably the victims of whatever she brought into the place.<br/><br/>Move forward 40 years to 1659, incidentally the final year of Cromwell&#39;s reign. A woman chained in a dungeon. A man enters and says, &quot;Up, witch!&quot; Interestingly he appears to be a time traveler as he&#39;s wearing a three-cornered hat of a style which didn&#39;t come in till the early 1700s. He drags her before a judge. Yay, it&#39;s Michael Ironside, and he&#39;s the only reason the film gets 4 points. 3 are for him. He condemns the woman to death when in swoops the Mother Superior of a convent. She demands the girl be turned over to her and threatens him with the Inquisition if he refuses. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Or indeed any inquisition at all in England which was a Protestant country and had no time at all for the Catholic institution of the Papal Inquisition. Michael Ironside instead of kicking the old crone out on her ass and telling her to read up on her history agrees to turn over the accused as he&#39;s grown tired of the whole thing. As indeed am I.<br/><br/>The rest is easily told. Yada yada yada ooh scary nun yada yada yada. Avoid like the Black Death.

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Reviewed by legrandcaelum 1

This movie is just awful!all cliche and nonsense.<br/><br/>You will be wasting your time.

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