The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


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Reviewed by conn-57441 7

After watching the &#39;The Conjuring: Devil made me do it&#39; at an early screening last night, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it didn&#39;t live up to the expectations of the previous two films in the main trilogy ( however it stands tall over the spin offs, so don&#39;t worry there).<br/><br/>To start off with what I did like, the direction in this instalment is a nice change of pace. With the Warrens looking to save a man on death row after supposedly killing an individual while possessed by a demon. Without going into spoilers the plot shakes things up a bit from the previous two films with the likes of Satanic cults and more or a detective style approach.<br/><br/>I personally would of loved to see more of a focus on the court side of the case and the reaction of the defendants plea, it would of been a really refreshing direction for this film but what we get still isn&#39;t bad.<br/><br/>The Warrens are still great in this film with both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga having a real chemistry on screen and still being one of the most lovable protagonists in horror media in a long time.<br/><br/>However with all this said, I believe this &#39;horror&#39; film does fail in one department, and that is in its scares.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a shame to say as I believe the previous two instalments had some unique moments of terror.<br/><br/>Whereas in this film most moments are so easily telegraphed to an obvious jumpscare that you can see a mile away, or more unique set pieces unfortunately spoilt by the trailers.<br/><br/>With all that said, this is still a decent sequel, just not the terrifying sequel I had hoped for!

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Reviewed by tresm87 7

As I said, the film doesn&#39;t have the same power and unique feel as Wan&#39;s 2, but it is a nice continuation in the franchise with an intriguing story that does delve into the crime drama genre along with giving us the scares we come to know. You can tell Wan still was involved with certain camera works and scare concepts much like he was with the mediocre yet entraining curse of LaLlarona which this director Michael Chaves debuted on. While he doesn&#39;t fill Wan&#39;s shoes at all, he was able to follow a certain format for this particular franchise to move forward though at dragging pace at times.<br/><br/>The actors are all very good as usual and the duo of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the Warren&#39;s are phenomenal bursting with emotion as always. They carry this film completely. The effects are decently executed and the cgi looks near flawless. Some of the scares are a mixed bag of ambition and some are tremendously cliche, but they all do their jobs for the horror aspect. The ominous settings are fantastic and add rich environment for the frights to flourish.<br/><br/>Overall it&#39;s an effort that felt satisfying to see the premier franchise continue, but there&#39;s a definitive void without Wan&#39;s genius eye.

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Reviewed by PedroPires90 7

It&#39;s a different Conjuring, trying and innovating, not only in the story (no haunted house here) but also in the use of camera/direction, where we feel that we have a new director and with a different identity (good).<br/><br/>The scaries don&#39;t work as well as in the first two films and the new characters aren&#39;t as intriguing as The Nun or Annabelle, so, even if we still have very strong horror moments, we don&#39;t feel the same tension as we felt in the previous two. The Warrens do, once again, a fantastic job and I loved some references to The Shining or A Nightmare on Elm Street.<br/><br/>Personally, I still think the 2nd is the best Conjuring by a large margin (scarier, frenetic, fantastic direction, editing, atmosphere, London). The first one isn&#39;t as scary as the second, but it&#39;s really well executed with a very strong plot. This one is the weakest, but it&#39;s still interesting to see the couple in a different type of story and it&#39;s still a pretty solid horror film.

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