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Reviewed by phd_travel 10

Very well written acted and directed. Lifetime has done a good job at showing the scandal from the point of view of the parents and the children. Managed to incorporate in a composite manner the details and aspects that we know from the headlines. It&#39;s nice to go beyond the headlines into their homes to see the detailed genesis of the crime from good intentions and love of their kids to over the line. Felicity and Lori aren&#39;t portrayed as characters. But we know who is based on who roughly. Really found Penélope Anne Miller sympathetic as the anxious mom faking her unknowing son&#39;s scores and sports record for a place in Stanford. Mia Kirchner is great as a different kind of mom pushier and less repentant. Really hams it up here in this juicy role. There are some pretty funny moments along the way. But things get serious when we get to see the fallout on the kids who have to face the consequences of exposure. The most moving aftermath I&#39;ve seen in a Lifetime movie for a while.<br/><br/>Highly recommended

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Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 7

The acting in this made for television film which is based on true criminal cases that are still before the courts when this film was released in October 2019, proves that these professional actors can&#39;t hold an Oscar to the real actors who happen to be the long list of affluent parents who disregarded all ethics and used their gluttoness wealth to push their children ahead of many hard working and more deserving students who were subsequently rejected.<br/><br/>The FBI eventually arrested a number of these affluent parents for mail fraud, honest services mail fraud and racketeering. Actor Michael Shanks who plays the real life school fixer named Rick Singer folded like a wet napkin when he was arrested and through a series of FBI wire tapped phone conversations implicated these filthy rich and snobbish parents who felt there was nothing wrong in the dirty manner that they scammed these Ivy League Universities to illegally push their children to the front of the line.<br/><br/>My only this the first film in a brand new film genre classified as &quot;(PPS) Privileged Parent Scammers&quot; since those arrested for this horrendous crime of the filthy rich and affluent are only the tip of the iceberg. Suicides are sure to follow which is one of the negative reactions to being caught and identified forever on as a &quot;criminal&quot;. Please don&#39;t let any of these PPS people&#39;s crimes get expunged as a one off.

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Reviewed by LifetimeUncorkedPodcast 8

This movie found a nice balance of creating horrible unlikeable characters. (based on real people, but NOT Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, or anyone alive or dead... for legal reasons.) while still having the characters be ones you love to hate.<br/><br/>I added an extra star for Emma&#39;s hunky boyfriend, Brian!

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