The Cleansing Hour


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Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 2

This could have been an interesting story about an internet Exorcist who has to confront a real demon. Instead this movie is so poorly directed, edited and put together that you won't care about any of it. The acting is bottom of the barrel and so many lines are mumbled or spoken so quickly I had no idea what they were babbling about. There is nothing suspenseful or frightening in the least. It's poorly filmed nonsense. The most interesting thing in the movie is the excuses they come up with to get Ryan Guzman out of his clothes. Yes this is a horror movie where the only fascinating thing on display is Ryan's derriere. 2 stars for side-butt.

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Reviewed by brian_nadon 8

Why would anyone complain about this movie? Unless you&#39;re jealous or need attention there is nothing negative to say about this film. The camera work, editing, costumes, directing, and special effects were awesome. The story-line stayed to its guns and produced a suspenseful film worthy of a good Friday night viewing.<br/><br/>Take my word for it as a movie lover, this film has merit! Enjoy.

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Reviewed by tubbytarot 8

This is a really great movie! So much better than I thought it would be. Don&#39;t allow the terrible poster art to put you off. The acting is good, the practical make-up effects are outstanding, the little bit of CGI used is not too obvious and the stunts are cool.<br/><br/>The ending to the film is really clever. I like the way they overlay a sort of epilogue over the credits. It is a nice touch.<br/><br/>A definite 8/10 from me.

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