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Reviewed by betut-1 10

I just saw this film and I really enjoyed it. Sure, it is not the same a &quot;Pitch Black&quot; which I think was also a good film in its own right. &quot;Chronicles of Riddick&quot; is a big budget summer blockbuster film and on that level it succeeds. Sure it is silly in parts but we are not discussing a project based upon a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. It is action packed science fiction. I think Riddick DID stay true to the character he played in &quot;Pitch Black&quot;. While the Riddick in that film was a brutal, self-centered opportunist, I think we see by the end of that film that he had good characteristics as well. The Riddick in this film is still brutal, self-centered and opportunistic (see the full size statue of Riddick shown during the end credits) but we see more of the decent aspects of his character as well. The action scenes in this film were great! I especially enjoyed the &quot;topside&quot; chase scene on Cremetoria. And Thandie Newton was a really good &quot;baddie&quot;!<br/><br/>The thing that pleased me the most was that there were people of color in central key roles who were not stereotypes. The main hero was not the buff blue-eyed white man out to save humanity that we have been feed by Hollywood. And the female characters seemed to have more sense at times than the male characters. Thandie Newton&#39;s character had a much better grasp of court politics than her husband and Dame Judith&#39;s character wasn&#39;t just the stereotypical &quot;wise mystical being&quot;, she was politically savvy as well.<br/><br/>The only problem I had with the film was the lack of development for Linus Roche&#39;s character. I just did not believe his actions toward the end of the film. But, that is trivial.<br/><br/>All in all, it was a good way to spend about an hour forty five on a Saturday evening!

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Reviewed by rebel-paul 10

I liked this movie. Nice special effects, humorous dialogues, action... in a word - enjoyable. But is this really Sci-Fi? The unexplained &quot;half alive and half... something else&quot; attribute of Lord Marshal reduces a little bit the scientific aspect of the movie, but this can be forgiven.<br/><br/>A week after watching &quot;The Chronicles of Riddick&quot; I also watched Solaris (2002). I am a big fan of science fiction and I also read Stanislav Lem&#39;s novel. After watching both movies I asked myself which of them is &quot;more Sci-Fi&quot; and which of them I liked more. I admit that from a point of view &quot;Solaris&quot; is a more &quot;scientific&quot; Sci-Fi (it even features a dialogue mentioning &quot;subatomic particles&quot;) and also is psychologically more complex, but I really liked &quot;The Chronicles of Riddick&quot; more. Because watching this movie made me really feel like watching a Sci-Fi movie, while Solaris looked to me more like a psychological drama and almost not at all Sci-Fi.<br/><br/>Some of you could think I&#39;m too kind and nice in judging this movie. O.K, Vin Diesel is maybe not the most expressive actor but it is kind of &quot;cool&quot; and is suited for playing Riddick. And maybe Jack/Kyra character is superficially built. And I&#39;m sure there are a lot other things to be said against this movie. But what really counts is if you enjoyed watching the movie. And I did, So it&#39;s a 10 of 10 from me.

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Reviewed by Frederick Smith 10

Once again Vin Diesel brings to life the vicious, calculating anti-hero Riddick, the convict who prefers to kill instead of negotiate. Riddick is living a life of arduous survival, preferring the isolation of the frozen planet to the company of humans. When he learns the Imam is the man who has set the bounty for him, he journeys to discover why. Keith David recreates the Imam from Pitch Black as if he had never left the role, and introduces us to Aereon, the elemental being in the form of Judi Dench, whose powerful acting and presence adds both drama and authenticity to the film. Nick Chinlund excels in a role custom made for him, and Colm Feore is magnificent as the Lord Marshal, the holy half-dead who has seen the Underverse. Linus Roache, in one of two films he has worked on with Diesel (the other, Find Me Guilty, perhaps led to his role as the Assistant DA on Law and Order), and while his role is not as big as I would have liked, his presence and eloquence as the Purifier adds significantly to the film. Karl Urban, who has appeared in other fantasy roles (Priest, Star Trek), presents a more powerful, controlled soldier of the faith, while Thandie Newton as his ambitious wife provides the right balance to the struggle for power within any authoritarian regime. Alexa Davalos is excellent as Kyra, defiant and deadly to the last. Even the extended version is rated PG-13 for language and violence, but little sexual content. Since Vin will be recreating Riddick in a third film next year, I would say this is a collectible if you are a fan of the first two, or just a fan of good science fiction.

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