The Chateau Meroux


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by Franklie 7

We did like the actors. The music was pretty good. The plot was good. And the cinematography was fabulous.<br/><br/>But the writing was awful. Among the concepts that were hard to believe are that the main character girls are snarky and drunkards and juvenile one minute, then supposedly wise and kind and mature the next, making the personal connections and business decisions they make hard to accept. Also, the estate business takes place in a time frame that isn&#39;t believable, so again, hard to accept.<br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the vocab. It would be SO great if writers would just stay away from the gungy words and concepts that do nothing but create litter and instead give us high-road words and situations that make sense.<br/><br/>And next to the ignorant vocab, there&#39;s our next least favorite thing.. The moment when a character really should say what needs to be said, but instead uses precious moments to either stay silent or do the &quot;You don&#39;t understand&quot; or &quot;Just listen to me&quot; or some such. Just spit it out! And on the flip side, the listener doesn&#39;t listen. SO many stories include this plot twist and it&#39;s always annoying. Especially since up til then that character usually has had no problem spouting whatever comes to mind and the listener has usually been a great listener.<br/><br/>If you&#39;re not expecting much, you&#39;ll probably enjoy the show. If you&#39;re hoping for a smart story, this isn&#39;t it. Either way, the actors are fun, especially Christopher Lloyd, and the views are beautiful.

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