The Champions


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Reviewed by floyd-52 9

Neutrino and I watched the whole thing. Couldn&#39;t look away. Eye-opening, tender and sweet, smart -- it has it all. Great music, bringing variety and little tonal changes-of-pace.<br/><br/>Makes you want to have a shelter, or wish there was no need for one.<br/><br/>Pet stores should be required to show documentaries like this on a continuous loop. Selling a different message from the &quot;buy a puppy&quot; one.<br/><br/>The Champions are also the incredible people and families who helped rescue these dogs.<br/><br/>Hard to imagine the states and cities that ban pit bulls. One of the great injustices of our time.<br/><br/>If you can watch this movie and not shed a tear, or ten, then you in particular need to rescue a dog. As soon as possible.

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Reviewed by hacienda-2121 9

What an amazing documentary. So well made and such an important piece of film in my opinion. Well done to everyone involved!

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