The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down


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Reviewed by mattniraq3 10

One of the most originally hilarious movies I&#39;d seen in a long time. From rating other movies I&#39;d seen, this was a recommendation and I took a chance on it. I watched it probably 20 times in the course of 2 weeks with different groups of friends, none said one bad thing about it. One of my friends actually went online and bought it. For a movie that has no A B or C list actors, I thought it was great.<br/><br/>The mockumentary style of presenting &#39;How to get down&#39; was well played. You can&#39;t take the movie seriously or you will be disappointed, it&#39;s not a real guide. Enjoy the fun at pokes at this lifestyle, and it might help if you are / were someone who parties, so that you can relate to the movie. People really are like this.

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Reviewed by emdoub 7

Remarkably entertaining and refreshing little comedy here. The cast of unknowns do a spot-on job of portraying their roles, the writer and director had something ... well, not new, but not overdone, and interesting to say, and, as other reviewers have said - this is true. I have known these people, and even been a few of them. There were very few laugh-out-loud moments - but there were an awful lot of delighted grin times here.<br/><br/>Your experience may be very much a matter of taste - I also thought _Romance and Cigarettes_ and _Go!_ were fun, couldn&#39;t make it through more than 30 minutes of _Click_, and have no interest in trying _Dumb and Dumber_, _Jackass_, or _Napoleon Dynamite_. If you need overblown to enjoy comedy, skip this one. If subtle, wry wit works for you - enjoy it.

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Reviewed by kbfisher 10

Overall, fantastic! <br/><br/>A warning: if you don&#39;t live in LA - you might not get it. Those that have given descriptions that say this is a fictional portrayal of stereotypic characters haven&#39;t partied in LA and haven&#39;t experienced how true and hilarious this movie really is.<br/><br/>B&amp;G&#39;s guide is a portrayal of hipster party life in Los Angeles. It&#39;s story is told like a &quot;how to&quot; manual for the various scenarios that scenesters find themselves in. Its well shot, and I thought that the director, Paul Sapiano, did an excellent job. I love that one of the main characters brought an old mobile to one of the parties in silver lake, and made it a fashion statement. Its too bad that this movie was not released in more theaters. As far as I know, there was only one showing thus far in LA at the Chinese Mann theater in Hollywood. I hope to see it released, and more accessible in the future.

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