The Big Ugly


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Reviewed by refordgarry 5

Hard-Guy Vinney, soccer-player-turned-actor just about acquits himself here. The W. Virginia location looked good, as did the contributions of his screen-partners Ron Perlman, as aged London gang-leader, "Harris" , and Malcolm McDowell, red-neck oilman's-leader, "Preston". The clash of culture between limey metropolitan gangster and backwoods oil-man, with an unexpected ecological & ideological tinge was always going to be a pretty difficult one - as it proved. The real disappointment here was the Plot, which started OK enough, but really was grasping for straws a long time before the last reel of film.

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Reviewed by khanguru 7

I must admit when i saw the casting i was expecting at least some great moments of acting between the Trio Mac Dowell, Pearlman and Jones and i'm sorry to say i didn't have that.... This movie is bad from the core : the script is poorly written, there's is no good dialogue so no good acting moment possible between protagonists. Lots of useless scenes. The editing is lazy. The music choice is lame most of the time (all the time!). I watched it to the end hoping for something good happen to save it a little bit but it didn't come.... Very disappointing and very Boring... i put 3 stars for the 3 stars in it....

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Reviewed by prplbrpllyf 7

I was initially interested in this because of an article about it being filmed in the area of Morehead, KY. Malcolm McDowell&#39;s son was so bored spending time in Morehead that he requested to go home rather than spend another night walking around in the local Walmart. I don&#39;t blame him.<br/><br/>I started out watching out of morbid B movie curiosity, but eventually warmed up to the story. I&#39;ve known guys like &quot;Junior&quot; IRL and in many movies.Immediately upon meeting Junior, I knew this movie version would probably be getting his comeuppance in the end. However, I didn&#39;t know how everyone else&#39;s story would play out. There were a lot of small stories being woven into the picture and those are what kept me around. I don&#39;t feel it was time wasted.<br/><br/>I think this is my first review. I only wrote it because I thought some of the others were much too harsh.

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