The Beast Must Die


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Reviewed by Chromium_5 7

One of the good things about the AMC channel is the later you watch it, the weirder the movies get. This one came on at about 1:30 in the morning, and as soon as the creepy narration announced &quot;This is a detective story... where YOU are the detective,&quot; I knew I was in for something cool. The narration is followed by an offbeat opening where a black guy (dressed in all black) is running through the woods being chased by a bunch of military types, against a jazz soundtrack. Turns out he&#39;s testing out his new security system, and sure enough, there&#39;s no way to avoid getting caught on these premises.<br/><br/>After the weird opening, the movie settles down into a pretty straightforward plot. It&#39;s really a combination of &#39;The Most Dangerous Game&#39; and &#39;Ten Little Indians&#39; (the &quot;guess the culprit&quot; gimmick is practically stolen from the latter movie). A wealthy hunter has gathered a group of guests, one of whom is a werewolf, in order to hunt the ultimate game. But finding out who the werewolf is turns out to be trickier than expected...<br/><br/>The cast is actually quite impressive, and odds are you&#39;ll be less interested in figuring out who the werewolf is than figuring out where you&#39;ve seen all these people before (I&#39;m still racking my brain on Anton Diffring). Of course, every movie like this has at least one unintentionally funny part, and in this one it&#39;s Peter Cushing&#39;s Dr. Lundgren, the Werewolf Expert. Cushing is a fine actor, but he almost becomes a running joke here, because every time someone asks him about werewolves he goes off on this long spiel describing werewolves in scientific detail that must be heard to be believed. Thanks to this movie, I now know that lycanthropy is caused by a defect in the lymphatic system, and that silver can&#39;t harm a werewolf unless there&#39;s pollen in the air (?), etc.<br/><br/>This a B-movie, for sure, but a pretty good one. It&#39;s well done and suspenseful, and it will keep you interested until the very end. Very much worth watching. 8/10 stars.

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Reviewed by Noel (Teknofobe70) 5

&quot;This is a murder mystery in which you are the detective ... but instead of &#39;who is the murderer?&#39;, the question is &#39;who is the werewolf?&#39; ...&quot; And so we have an eccentric millionaire who gathers together a group of six people, including his wife, in his mansion and states that one of them is a werewolf. How does he know this? Well, we don&#39;t question such things. There is a newly-reunited couple, an ex-United Nations delegate, an eccentric biologist, and an expert on werewolf folklore. Over a period of three terrifying nights, he narrows down the list of suspects to discover who the beast is ...<br/><br/>The movie opens with Calvin Lockhart running through his estate, being pursued by commandos and monitored by the new high-tech security system which he is testing. That opening sequence goes on and on, and there are many such tedious &#39;chase&#39; scenes in the movie which make it something of a chore to watch. Ultimately it took me three attempts to finally get through this whole movie, and that&#39;s never a good sign. It&#39;s a shame, because there are some really great scenes as well ... the climax inparticular is suitably thrilling. We have pretty much an all-star cast in this movie, so if you&#39;re a fan of Peter Cushing, Sir Michael Gambon (currently playing Dumbledore), Charles Gray or &#39;blaxploitation&#39; actors Calvin Lockhart and Marlene Clark, then you&#39;ll probably want to see this. Thanks to this casting, the acting is slightly above average for a B-movie, but nothing spectacular. It almost fits into the blaxploitation category itself, thanks to the jazzy, funky soundtrack and the alternative marketing title &quot;Black Werewolf&quot;.<br/><br/>As for the &#39;guess the werewolf&#39; element, as far as I can tell you can only narrow it down to three characters before the &#39;werewolf break&#39; comes along, and then it&#39;s just a case of guessing between them. I guessed wrongly (although the character I chose would have made for a better ending), but as I suspected, the werewolf break was something that was added later by the producers and it wasn&#39;t the director&#39;s idea. The film wasn&#39;t made with this in mind, so it&#39;s actually impossible to guess for sure who the werewolf is. In fact, Paul Annett hated the idea of the &#39;werewolf break&#39;.<br/><br/>Overall this is a fairly entertaining werewolf B-movie, and werewolf enthusiasts will probably enjoy it, but it could have been better.

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Reviewed by Joseph P. Ulibas 3

The Beast must Dies (1974) was an interesting version of the tired werewolf tale. Calvin Lockhart is the main character and for a change he&#39;s a wealthy black big game hunter who wants to catch his biggest prize to date, a werewolf. He brings several suspected individuals to his palacial complex and plays Ten Little Indians with the guests. They&#39;re an odd lot and anyone of them can be....The Werewolf!!! The movies also an interactive one because at the beginning of the feature, an off screen narrator asks if you can solve the mystery. The great Peter Cushing guest stars and brings some British Horror credibility to the film.<br/><br/>From those lovable people at Amicus. Whilst Hammer Films was in it&#39;s death throes as a film company, Amicus for a time picked up the slack. Several key members from the Hammer Studios left the company and eagerly worked for the rivals at Amicus. Famous for their omnibus tales of terror, they tried something different and the result was &quot;The Beast Must Die&quot;. Not your typical film about werewolves but it&#39;s entertaining despite the low budgeted special effects and bad night time lighting. Other than that, it&#39;s a great film.<br/><br/>Recommended.<br/><br/>B<br/><br/>xxx

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