The Battered Bastards of Baseball


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Reviewed by mjhill502000 7

This show was very entertaining because for me it brought back great memories of my minor league career. I happened to play for the best minor league team in baseball from 1976-1977. The Corpus Christi Seagulls in South Texas were members of The Gulf States League in 1976 and Lone Star League in 1977. Our two year combined record was 103- 54! Our manager for those two summers was not so famous then than he was later was Leo Mazzone. Pitching coach for Atlanta Braves. I believe the Portland Mavericks in 1977 were 44-22. The Corpus Christi Seagulls were 53-27and averaged close to 5,000 a game. In 1976 we were 50 and 27 with close to the same attendance in a city much smaller than Portland. Where would you rather be Curt Russell? I think you should have said City by the Sparkling Sea Corpus Christi! Come on Netflix we have some great stories about that league too!

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Reviewed by meverly-22986 6

It's not exactly giving us all of the information. The Portland players weren't exactly some bums that showed up out of nowhere and magically started winning. A lot of the players were 24, 25, 26, 27... and had minor league experience whereas the other players in the "A" league were just out of high school. The Portland players were just not good enough to make the big leagues, but they were better that the 19 & 20 year old kids because they had WAY more experience.

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Reviewed by nitro72 9

Even for one as disinterested in baseball as me, this was an incredibly absorbing "David v. Goliath" tale of a man who followed his passion, reaped the benefits, & shared it with those who loved & respected him.

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