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Reviewed by funnycelebritymoment-724-825041 1

Horrible. Start to finish. Barely any mention of the man who changed the world of music. And the reason why is obvious... HBO are right in the middle of a lawsuit they are losing big time on.<br/><br/>HBO are looking to possibly pay a huge fine of over a hundred million dollars to the estate of Michael Jackson for spreading those false allegations against him earlier this year.<br/><br/>For that HBO has done the most glaring omission in the film by the near complete absent of The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. Who had a huge part in the history of The Apollo.<br/><br/>By doing so makes this film look less like a factual documentary and more like a propaganda piece and a way to try and rewrite history. But the truth always remains the truth and you can&#39;t change the past.

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Reviewed by paul-allaer 6

&quot;The Apollo&quot; (2019 release; 102 min.) is a documentary about the legendary theater in Harlem. As the movie opens, we are watching a modern performance piece (we later learn it&#39;s the live performance of &quot;Between the World and Me&quot;). We then go back to the theater&#39;s beginning as the &quot;Apollo&quot; in 1934, located at Harlem&#39;s ground zero on 125th Street. Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington performed there that year. &quot;It&#39;s a model of black achievement&quot;, comments one of the documentary&#39;s many talking heads. At this point we are 10 min. into the film.<br/><br/>Couple of comments: this is the latest documentary from the Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams. Here he brings us the rich history and significance of the Apollo. The movie is remarkably split (almost 50-50) between the emphasis on the music/dance/performance (in the first half) and the civil rights and political significance (in the second half). Among the music&#39;s highlights is of course the (in)famous Amateur Night. Incredibly, we see footage of Lauryn Hill (yes, THE Lauryn Hill), then age 13, being booed off the stage by the crowd (Hill&#39;s singing was indeed completely out of tune). Surreal. In the second half, in addition to the political significance, the film makers also look at how the Apollo stays relevant in today&#39;s society and what its role is/should be (&quot;new works from the African-American community&quot;}, which leads us back to &quot;Between the World and Me&quot;. Bottom line: this is a delightful and insightful documentary about one of the iconic landmarks in New York.<br/><br/>&quot;The Apollo&quot; premiered this week on HBO and is now available on VOD. If you have any interest in knowing more about the rich history and significance of the Apollo, I&#39;d readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.

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Reviewed by kalinga-54118 7

Excellent and informative documentary about the origins of one of the greatest institutions in Soul music. It covers all the important developments and leaves very little out. The music and stories are very interesting and will definitely captivate you.<br/><br/>However, in response to one of the other reviews here, you have to wonder about what kind of person would continue to love and support a man who has been accused of pedophilia for over 25 years by very credible victims. What kind of person would continually accuse these victims of lying? What kind of person, for no gain of their own, would denounce those who have suffered because they like a few pop songs? What kind of person would go on a sustained, unending online hate campaign against victims to protect the reputation of SOMEONE THEY&#39;VE NEVER MET who has been accused of dozens of horrible crimes BY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNEW HIM...?? You have to wonder about this kind of person...

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