The Anna Nicole Smith Story


Biography / Drama

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Reviewed by romy1986 3

I love a bad b-grade movie, but this was absolutely atrocious. Anna Nicole Smith's entire life squeezed into about 80 minutes. This movie jumped ahead so quickly you could barely keep up with it, (which actually, considering, the production, and acting, may have been doing us all a favour). I have never heard of Willa Ford before, and I don't think I'll be searching out her movies in the future, although I have to admit that bar the early scenes in the bad curly wig, she does look quite a bit like Anna Nicole. I was never especially a fan of the woman, but I was hoping for some insight into her life beyond the superficial, and this movie barely even touches on that let alone anything deeper. The older man she married is portrayed as a kindly old thing with barely a hint of the actual relationship they had, her son Daniel goes from child to depressed teen in about five minutes. Too compressed, not well written, and not even worth a watch as a guilty pleasure.

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Reviewed by jenniferlynn-49555 1

It's hard to watch a movie when the star is so cringe worthy. Every time she opened her mouth it was awful. It also felt like a fluff piece. I mean I didn't expect much but there is absolutely no depth in the characters at all. The soundtrack was like off a bad 80s tv show, like club music where everyone is dancing slow and off beat. The movie felt rushed, you feel like you must've missed some scenes. The only way I knew how much tine went by was by the rapid aging of Daniel. I mean she tries to be Anna but she was a characture of the real Anna. Her husband wasn't potrayed right either, in real life he wasn't just old, he really looked it. It was visually odd and disturbing, seeing their "love" in real life. Here he was an average old guy, not the crypt keeper on wheels. Most importantly her Voice!!! In case you forgot.

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