The Adventures of Anais Nin


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Reviewed by badjammamamma 5

Hardly worth the time to watch. Pretending to be a scholarly look at this very original woman, they do not even pronounce her name correctly. Not that hard to investigate; my daughter is named for Ana?s Nin--that would be Ah-nah-ees--and the actress portraying her is just ridiculous.<br/><br/>I suggest &quot;Henry and June&quot; instead.

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Reviewed by hemsleystewart 8

My only other visual experience of Nin,s life is the movie Henry and June, one of my all time favorite movies. Having this mostly documentary approach was interesting. Yes, every time someone said Anice instead of Anais, it hurt my teeth like someone running nails across a chalkboard. But it was otherwise an hour of summarizing her life and impulses, and I found it usefully informative.

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