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Reviewed by corrinaw 7

This movie is all about entertainment. Imagine your friends that you love spending time with, the ones that you know inside out becoming a bit silly and perhaps taking on a character or two. That&#39;s what this film is about. An inventive script and brilliantly performed. It&#39;s not about pleasing the masses with this one, it&#39;s about having fun with a bunch of brilliantly talented people. Which is what I&#39;m sure they all thought when they signed up for it. <br/><br/>The above review sounds completely unfair and I think that the person who wrote that was in the wrong frame of mind when they watched the film. In a lighthearted moment, there is great dignity in it if you care to look.<br/><br/>A job well done, I thought it was a great film. I&#39;d watch this before the North American norm any day.<br/><br/>In a nutshell, it&#39;s not the best film you&#39;re ever going to see but it has a hell of a lot of moments. I haven&#39;t laughed that long in an age.

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Reviewed by rattius 7

tell you what that was excellent. Dylan Moran is simply the funniest actor on screen( and on stage) and with Micheal Caine as your partner ain&#39;t to bad either, both are great to watch in a really funny film. true, not all the gags come off but its worth sticking around for the ones that do, but come on its got Micheal Caine in a dress in it( the whole admission fees worth that) and every time Dylan Moran&#39;s on screen its more like Bernard blacks movie. the story is two actors(Moran and Caine) who decide to steal money from a group of gangsters by acting out different persona&#39;s to fool them all but getting away with it&#39;s a different matter. basically &quot;the actors&quot; is a great British comedy that was somehow missed by many, seriously if your a Moran fan(or want to see Micheal Caine in a dress) definitely see this

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Reviewed by poc-1 7

The gags don&#39;t always come off, but the overall effect is amusing enough. Dylan Moran is perfectly cast as Tom, a loser actor. Caine is not challenged O&#39;Malley but I didn&#39;t find him very funny. Unusual to find Michael Nyman music in a comedy, but it works well. It is a pity there were only bit parts for Michael McElhatton and Deirdre O&#39;Kane. Good fun.

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