That Brennan Girl


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Reviewed by lindaz 6

Raised by a flamboyant and irresponsible mother, Ziggy Brennan (played by Mona Freeman) gets involved in hustling men at a young age. She hangs around with a wild crowd and learns gets her &quot;street smarts&quot; first from her mother (who wants everyone to think they are sisters) then from an older man. He starts teaching her his tricks of the trade and she falls right in line with his crooked ways. Then one night she meets a tall, handsome, honest farmer boy who&#39;s a soldier and they fall in love. While he&#39;s away fighting the war, she discovers she&#39;s pregnant.<br/><br/>I won&#39;t say more so as not to spoil it. But I found the ethics that this film teaches to be something sorely missing in our films nowadays. Suffice it to say that even though she goes through some heartbreaking experiences, she reforms her ways and there is a happy ending.<br/><br/>Probably not a film that most young people would enjoy. Not any action and some parts drag a bit, but it&#39;s Frank Capra type of message left me with a good feeling. Baby-boomers will most likely love it.

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Reviewed by ashkakaylee 10

I saw this film last night on Youtube and it&#39;s remarkably good. Mona Freeman gives a stunning performance as Ziggy, the young and troubled heroine of the movie.<br/><br/>This is the kind of part that somebody like Jean Simmons or even Audrey Hepburn might have fitted well into. And Mona Freeman&#39;s acting here stands up to anything they might have done in the part. The rest of the cast are equally fine. Had this movie been made by one of the bigger studios of the day it would,I think, have been better none. It certainly deserves to be better none as it&#39;s definitely more than a B picture.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 7

The title role in That Brennan Girl is played by Mona Freeman who learned earlyand hard to be a cynic. This was a loan out role for Freeman for this Republic production because at her homestudio of Paramount she was normallyy playing sweet young ingenues.<br/><br/>Freeman has a great example set to her by her mother June Duprez who says landa man with a bank account and hang on tight. Still she&#39;s a romantic sort and does fall for sailor William Marshall.<br/><br/>It all ends tragically for her when Marshall is killed during the war. But he&#39;s leftsomething behind and that forces an attitude readjustment.<br/><br/>Top billed however in That Brennan Girl is James Dunn who was a lead in the30s with Fox but who gradually fell out of top tier parts and studios due to adrinking problem. But winning an Oscar for A Tree Grows In Brooklyn theprevious year gave his career a temporary rebound.<br/><br/>He&#39;s an Irish-American gangster who&#39;s between Duprez&#39;s and Freeman&#39;s age sparks an interest in both. He too undergoes a change in life as only a stretchin the joint might affect some. In many ways this is similar to the part he played in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.<br/><br/>Freeman is the real revelation here. You won&#39;t find her in too many roles likethis one.

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