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Reviewed by Maliejandra 7

That Brennan Girl was restored as part of Martin Scorcese&#39;s project to restore worthy films. It is rare that a low-budget movie from Republic studios would get this treatment, and I was pleased to see it screened at the Wexner Center in February.<br/><br/>Part family drama, part crime film, part romance, the film begins in flashback with Mona Freeman as a young girl on Mother&#39;s Day disappointed that her own mother writes her off as her sister so she can project youth to snag a rich man. As she grows up, she learns her own tricks to survival as a woman and hardens into a free-wheeling gold digger. James Dunn, a con-man with a soft spot for his Irish mother, takes a shine to her and tries to win her over, but she keeps him at arm&#39;s length. Then she meets a soldier on leave, and while she starts off cold against him, his earnestness softens her.<br/><br/>A solid film that keeps us entertained an engaged in spite of its many twists and turns, That Brennan Girl features a solid cast and competent direction by Alfred Santell, who was disillusioned by the producers and retired after this film.

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Reviewed by KayMack23 10

Oh what a fine film. Girl with the WORST mother in history- a trashy, deceptive narcissist who almost ruins her daughter by selfishly assuming she&#39;d continue in her mother&#39;s footsteps. She teaches her teen daughter how to apply lipstick- to be used as a tool to capture innocent men to scam them out of their money- at least that&#39;s how the &quot;mother&quot; sees it. Her daughter, Ziggy, manages to find and marry a perfect man who is killed in action, leaving her a widow with an enchanting baby: &quot;Button-nose&quot;. Ziggy is cheated out of her child by lying, evil persons - the juvenile authorities granting Ziggy one way window visits with that adorable pumpkin, watching her child&#39;s &quot;first steps&quot; from afar had me blubbering, not many films cause me to shed tears like that. Every character in this movie is their own character- every personality developed, you feel for them, cheer for them, hate them and love them. SO worth watching!! The babies alone- oh man, what fabulous direction!!! How did they get that baby to follow directions? It was great. And- GOOD ending. A great movie for anyone who loves miracles, Irish mothers, babies, and who has experienced deception. What lies can do to a woman!

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Reviewed by boblipton 6

Mona Freeman was brought up by a tough, money-hungry, shady, single mother -- June Duprez in quite a change from her role in THE THIEF OF BAGDAD -- and soon falls in with grifting James Dunn. When she steals a watch from a drunk military man, Dunn shows some patriotism and tells her to give it back.... and she winds up married, a war widow and struggling to keep her baby in this movie directed by Alfred Santell.<br/><br/>Miss Freeman was 20 when she made this movie, but she always seemed younger than she was, a factor which hampered her screen career; in this, she looks quite convincing in the opening scene as a 14-year-old girl buying a flower for her mother. She gives a fine, layered performance, but the script, from a story by Adele Rogers St. John, tries to cover too many bases, half tough-girl drama, half weepy-mother-loses-baby soap, with a dose of judicial moralizing and a dash of miraculous intervention. As a result, her characterization, and that of James Dunn, fresh off an Academy Award win for A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN may seem not so much nuanced as inconsistent.<br/><br/>I think not. I think it&#39;s a good movie, although I find the first half more interesting. That, however, is largely because I don&#39;t care for weepy melodramas. Judging by the record, no one was particularly impressed by this picture at the time. Dunn&#39;s career resumed its slide, aided by alcoholism; Freeman worked in minor movies for another ten years, then in television until 1972; and Santell, whose directorial career had begun in 1916, and who lived until 1981, never directed another movie.

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