Text to Kill


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Over the credits, a car crash looks deadly for three people. Mature-looking high school teenager Emily Tennant (as Taylor Sinclair) wakes up in her bed. It was only a dream. Word up, it&#39;s also a flashback. Two years ago, Ms. Tennant&#39;s dad died in that nightmarish accident, along with another couple. In school, Tennant attracts cute, leather-jacketed transfer student Keenan Tracey (as Cody Williams). He drives an amazing 1971 Skylark, which is exempt from smog checks. Very quickly, both Mr. Tracey and Tennant&#39;s other high school friends are victimized by a hooded Internet bully. This person seems to know all the dirt on everyone, and has embarrassing sex videos to share with the world. This all leads to tragedy...<br/><br/>Tennant&#39;s widowed mother is sexy super-detective Dina Meyer (as Allison). Eventually, mom will have stuff to investigate. Even without a bullet-proof vest, she may be invulnerable. The villain &quot;TRUTH&amp;LIES&quot; can&#39;t even give Ms. Meyer back pain. While handy in protecting her daughter, mom&#39;s tactics are not politically correct. In fact, they&#39;re offensive and illegal. For example, detective mom interrogates by threatening a suspect with rape or other physical abuse in a juvenile facility. If this woman knows an individual, presumed innocent, is about to be raped or otherwise assaulted, she should report it immediately. Instead, we have a character condoning the crime and using it as an interrogation tactic.<br/><br/>*** Text to Kill (4/11/15) George Erschbamer ~ Emily Tennant, Keenan Tracey, Dina Meyer, Kurt Ostlund

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