Terminator: Dark Fate


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Reviewed by ericck90 3

We, when we watch it, when we pay a ticket, we encourage these people to keep trowing garbarge at us, we need to stop...

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Reviewed by petra_ste 5

I&#39;ll be honest, Dark Fate is more mediocre than unwatchable, probably the best Terminator since T2... yeah, I know, the bar is so low, it&#39;s like limbo dancing at this point. This feels similar to The Force Awakens: in itself a slick, decent movie, but I&#39;ve already watched the much better original, so thanks but no thanks.<br/><br/>Positives? Mackenzie Davis, for whom I&#39;ve had a hopeless crush since seeing her as a cute NASA geek in The Martian (and then again in Blade Runner 2049), plays a relatable, compelling character, with an intriguing mix of power and vulnerability. There are also a couple of neat set-pieces, especially in the first half, before everything becomes over-the-top tiresome.<br/><br/>Linda Hamilton and Arnold show up for fanservice. It&#39;s kind of nice to see them both back with significant roles but, as is typical of fanservice, it&#39;s like gorging on too much chocolate: tastes good at first, but then come nausea and a vague feeling of shame.<br/><br/>My main point is, the Terminator series is now hopeless, as the last movies, especially Genisys, have poisoned the well. The continuity is a mess and keeps being rebooted, so everything is pointless: no development can feel meaningful. Show of hands: who would be particularly surprised if the next Terminator movie was once again about John Connor leading the Resistance in another alternate continuity? No one? Thought so.<br/><br/>Also, the new villain being so talkative was possibly the single stupidest idea in the whole project. You know why Arnold in T1 and Robert Patrick in T2 were so terrifying? Because they shut up! They said very little and, the few times they spoke, it always felt like something they did out of pure necessity (probing for informations, setting up a trap) but was fundamentally alien to their nature.<br/><br/>This Rev-9 tries to talk its antagonists out of fighting him! Can anyone picture the T-1000 reasoning with its targets? The great Robert Patrick studied and imitated the body language of birds of prey to look creepier and inhuman, and the new bad guy wants to chat. Give me a break.<br/><br/>5/10

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Reviewed by miguelhutten-45152 3

It&#39;s like they wrote down all the political commentaries they wanted in the movie and then just filled in the rest, just copied and pasted without any regard for plot, logic or entertaining value whatsoever. All those 10/10 reviews insulting people for not liking this incredibly bad movie are hilarious, apparently you are not allowed to dislike female lead movies no matter how atrocious the are so they call you a troll, incel, racist, misogynist... Some of them even say it&#39;s better than 1 &amp; 2 which goes to show how credible these reviews are. Anyways this movie has no entertaining value and no substance and is definitely the worst Terminator movie yet. If you haven&#39;t seen it watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles instead and if you&#39;re looking for a good action movie with solid strong female characters, there are plenty to choose from:<br/><br/>The Alien franchise, Underworld franchise, Resident Evil franchise, The Hunger Games franchise, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell,Tomb Raider, Atomic Blonde, Salt, Mad Max Fury Road, Hanna, Haywire, Sucker Punch, Wonder Woman, Kill Bill 1&amp; 2, Red Sparrow...<br/><br/>Trust me there is a reason this movie was a total flop and lost so much money, and it&#39;s not sexism or any other silly excuse these virtue signaling fake reviewers will throw at you.<br/><br/>The Expanse is an incredibly awesome sci-fi tv show filled with amazing and strong female characters all around, two of them (Drummer and Avasarala) being my favorite characters of the show by far, so if you looking for quality entertainment with lots and lots of cool strong female characters, this is a must for you.

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