Termination Point


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by intermedx 4

An interesting concept that totally missed the mark. While science fiction does test the limits of logic and reason, this film is so badly beyond that it pushes one&#39;s tolerance of the genre. <br/><br/>In the end just a bad film and a wast of a few hours of your life that would be better spent elsewhere. From bad acting to a poor story line, there is little to redeem this film.<br/><br/>The cast, while including some talent, does not reach its potential and is overwhelmed by poor cheesy acting by the lesser known actors. Even the CGI is not of a high enough standard to make up for the poor acting. <br/><br/>For a movie made for television I guess it is passable, but I have a much higher standard in this day and age of CGI.

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Reviewed by vampyrecowboy 3

So you are looking for a movie that will entertain you? Looking for something interesting and entertaining and captivating? Keep looking.<br/><br/>From bad writing, bad acting, bad special effects and an overall production that stinks as bad as my 3 day old socks.<br/><br/>Wow...what a way to spend a rainy day - wondering how long you can stay awake and still stay focused on such a lifeless and dull movie.<br/><br/>Time travel should be fun to watch, but in this script; it&#39;s not.<br/><br/>Need something to do on a dull dreary Sunday? Polish your silverware or build furniture from toothpicks.<br/><br/>What ever happened to crafty intelligent stories?

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Reviewed by d_iacob209 7

It&#39;s certainly more entertaining and thought out than a lot of the sci-fi flicks that make it into theaters these days. It has a decent storyline and a proper sequence of events that&#39;s neither too complicated or confusing. Thus it doesn&#39;t require much thought, so it is like a light hearted sci-fi thriller. The acting was good, Jason Priestley does a very good job portraying his character, plus he looks good.The special effects were pretty amateur. You can tell that the helicopters are toys and all the lightening bolts are quite fake. However, that did not get in the way of enjoying the movie. It probably doesn&#39;t deserve the 7 I rated it but I wanted to almost neutralize all the terrible comments since there are far worse movies that make it to theaters which many people go see, and this one is actually pretty good. If someone wanted to watch it for the first time I&#39;d probably see it with them again.

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