Termination Point


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by fairwindstoday 4

Low-budget, mediocre script, mediocre acting with storylines and FX ripped off from Final Countdown, the Philadelphia Experiment, Millennium and Stargate! What else can you say? There isn't an Original Thought left in Hollywood!

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 3

Seeing that this film was shot in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada and that&#39;s where Jason Priestley is from it seems as good a reason as any to shoot the thing. I&#39;m betting Priestley was helping out the local film industry.<br/><br/>Priestley plays a government investigator trying to track down rogue scientist Lou Diamond Phillips who looks a bit Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor. He&#39;s developed a device that looks like a cellphone and it can take you out of time and space and put you between dimensions.<br/><br/>Which is what Phillips does when some military types send a couple of jet fighters to shoot the plane that he and Priestley&#39;s wife and daughter are on. The whole airline goes into a wormhole that threatens to destroy all life and the universe itself.<br/><br/>Usually these time travel films kind of fall short on recognized science and Termination Point is no exception. It&#39;s midpoint between a science fiction and a disaster film and doesn&#39;t succeed really as either.

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Reviewed by minty1364 6

An afternoon film with a sci-fi feel to it. Unlike other afternoon films that are older these graphics are a little better, but they are not great as this is not a big budget production.<br/><br/>However, follow the storyline to see where it&#39;s going and what the outcome will be. Though it may not grip you, it is a decent enough movie to watch. <br/><br/>Maybe it will appeal more to Sci-Fi fans and dedicated films buffs; everyone else, I would say, may not like this film as much. Passable, yes, and a true afternoon movie and with a few twists and turns that I found interesting and should keep you interested long enough to see how the movie turns out.

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