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Reviewed by ahbuggy 7

Great story, a little slow at times. However good acting and the story content was captivating. It seems very believable. <br/><br/>I was losing interest at one point, but the story reached out and grabbed me back in. <br/><br/>If you like spy stories, and you like to speculate at what goes on in the I.C. (intelligence community) then this movie is for you.<br/><br/>The main character- good. Supporting characters- good.<br/><br/>Story-Good<br/><br/>My rating is of an 8. Yes I know that is high, however based on being an independent movie and the material being covered with strong characters, I believe this is a fair rating for the ambition put into it.

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Reviewed by andrea_havens 9

Yes, &quot;Tentacle 8&quot; is perfectly titled. As I watched I felt drawn into the story and then bound increasingly tightly in it. If I didn&#39;t seek the thrill of not knowing and of danger, I wouldn&#39;t have liked this story&#39;s powerful hold! It&#39;s a spellbinding trap for those who love to be daring. I could sense how torn between hope and despair Ray was. In fact, I felt that right along with him because of Brett Rickaby&#39;s exquisite connection with his character. It was tough to watch the ruthless treatment of him and the not-knowing that kept him in a turmoil of doubt, especially because I could sense the vulnerability of his heart. Amy Motta maintained that keen edge through the story also as Tabitha. All characters were fascinating, as were the writhing arms of changing appearances in this very well-done film.

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Reviewed by kinbezal 6

In Tentacle 8, we follow National Security Agency Analyst Raymond Berry, as he is accused of treason and taken into captivity after the intelligence agency&#39;s classified files are deleted due to a computer virus. During the course of his brutal interrogation, Berry longs to be reunited with his girlfriend Tabitha, a CIA agent. Later, a terrified Berry learns that Tabitha is not who she appears to be. Tentacle 8 is an ambitious undertaking for an indie film, and admirably tackles a complex subject with intelligence. The writer/director embraces ambiguity and never plays down to his audience. The chronology of the film&#39;s story becomes difficult to follow at one point, but it raises fascinating questions about moral choices between personal and public duties.

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