Tell Me I Love You


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.5


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Reviewed by jagfannn 1

This is weak and confused from the start, it certainly isn't a Rom-Com. There is no rom and no com, it's more like a how-to video for self destruction

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Reviewed by Adrian_Breakspear 1

This is what we get when technology companies and piracy moguls such as Daniel Ek and Sean Parker destroy indie arts professional sectors across the board, and then dabble in the creative arts themselves. minimum waged minus fee cubical AI tech dudes and dudettes and otherwise abroad in their mass cubicle farms clicking away for $.0000005 per hour, what did and do we expect to come after the &quot;free&quot; .. phone packaged internet tv mobile wifi yada yada yada all-you-can-eat content buffet bonanza?!<br/><br/>Genius how theyve managed to fool the masses into supporting their &#39;create the virus and provide the cure&#39; scheme. Netflix.. Facebook, Spotify, Amazon etc etc etc... literally actually suing musicians, indie record labels, rights organizations, the government itself and the almighty end all be all customers... devalue and destroy everything, swoop in, take over and take control.. global domination. Our current and future generations of quality indie professional creative arts are done and dusted. Its all about ads, clicks and data now. Thanks Silicon Valley!<br/><br/>This lil snowflake show is proof of all of the above. but I digress.<br/><br/>So to all you supporters, I say, enjoy your all-you-can-eat garbage paint-by-numbers buffet style mobile phone &quot;free&quot; content subscription packages. You deserve this level of crap entertainment, now and forever.

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