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Reviewed by ops-52535 7

When reading a short summary of &#39;&#39;teacher&#39;&#39; my first thought where, this must be like &#39;&#39;class of 1984&#39;&#39; or some real bully towards nerds + protective teacher= bloody revenge..... well it became some thing like that but not so much.<br/><br/>what i can say though is that the main actor does a good job on the screen, and that the plot had a good float and the score made it all pretty tense. also some of the bullying where rather maliscious and even though often used as a teenage drama topic it engaged me that much that i started talking to the screen and jolting at the takes.<br/><br/>its actually a good film thinks the grumpy old man, the only thing missing is the bloody revenge

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Reviewed by ferguson-6 6

Greetings again from the darkness. The first feature film from writer-director Adam Dick is actually a full length version of his own short film (same title) from a couple of years ago. In it, he covers many of today&#39;s hot topics: bullying, racism, white privilege, and gun control. No one can argue against any film that takes on these issues, and the filmmaker gets many things right in this low budget presentation.<br/><br/>David Dastmalchian (whose crazed eyes we first noticed in THE DARK KNIGHT, 2008) stars as James Lewis, a devoted English teacher who cares about students despite his own personal issues. Those issues include a rough divorce, anger issues, alcoholism, and a less-than-ideal childhood. Having been bullied himself as a youngster, he recognizes what his mirror image student is going through. Preston (Matthew Garry) is a shy, sensitive, intelligent student who has a knack for photography. Preston is also the target of school bully Tim Cooper (a talented Curtis Edward Jackson), a star athlete and son of powerful local community businessman Bernard Cooper (the always excellent Kevin Pollack). When Preston befriends Daniela (Esme Perez), she also becomes a target - this time of cruel cyberbullying.<br/><br/>During Lewis&#39; class, Shakespeare&#39;s &quot;The Merchant of Venice&quot; provides literary symmetry to the student experience, especially when the focus is on Shylock. This is the most creative portion of the film, and it&#39;s a film that does a pretty nice job of capturing the helplessness of meek students, as well as the lack of power a school official often has in such situations. The film and characters are at their best in those moments of fear, frustration and desperation.<br/><br/>What doesn&#39;t work so well is Mr. Lewis as a vigilante. At that point, it feels like a fantasy solution to a real world problem. Still, there are enough solid points and performances to keep us mostly engaged ... especially when Kevin Pollack (he&#39;s worked consistently and quite well since the mid-1980&#39;s) spews forth with privileged rich guy righteousness. Sure, it&#39;s all a bit obvious and over-the-top, but there is some underlying truth here as well.

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Reviewed by incredingo-37769 7

The story line was very good. explored a few social issues very well. however i found the movie drawn out, slow and the acting was very weak. if you can overlook the poor acting then it is worth a watch.

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