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Reviewed by meeza 8

(This film review coincides with John Cafferty &amp; The Beaver Brown Band 80&#39;s hit single &quot;On The Dark Side&quot;)<br/><br/>&quot;Taxi To The Dark Side&quot; is calling now, everything is real You will know how sick you&#39;ll feel From out of the shadows, this documentary feels like a bad dream Makes Americans feel so crazy, makes them look so mean<br/><br/>Ain&#39;t nothing gonna save us from torture that is blind When American brutalize, they have crossed that line Taxi To The Dark Side, oh yeah Taxi To The Dark Side, oh yeah <br/><br/>OK, that&#39;s enough! What this wickedly dark musical adaptation is trying to inform you is that documentary filmmaker&#39;s Alex Gibney&#39;s Oscar-winning documentary &quot;Taxi To The Dark Side&quot; takes a cerebral investigative journey into American soldiers brutalizing innocent Afghani victims through torturous interrogative techniques. And Gibney also depicts the big boys in Washington headed by the W as the ones that spearheaded the orchestration of the torturous interrogative initiative. Let&#39;s just say that Gibney does not beat around the Bush with that one! The real-life narrative focus of this documentary though is on the torture and murder of an innocent Afghanistan taxi driver by American military interrogators. I just wished that Gibney would have Gibney more, I mean gimme more, on Afghanistan and Taliban torturous techniques on American victims. There are two sides to every coin, Alex! Nonetheless, &quot;Taxi To The Dark Side&quot; is a gripping documentary that is not checkered with elongated ennui but instead with insightful staleness. Take a cinematic ride on the &quot;Taxi To The Dark Side&quot;. **** Good

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Reviewed by kongjr 8

I don&#39;t have the knowledge to question the authenticity of this documentary and I definitely disagree what the US government did around the world in the name of the so-called &quot;liberation&quot; and &quot;anti-terrorism&quot;.<br/><br/>But at least the making of this movie gives me a faith of hope, that this country is still one of the best, simply because the government would have no authority to stop people from making this sort of movies, to disclose the dark side of the government, to expose the hypocrisy of the military presence, to criticize the whole policy of anti-terrorism.<br/><br/>The US government may not be perfect, but at least the people should have a faith of hope, and this is what make them proud.

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Reviewed by melwyn 6

The Nuremburg trials left us two legacies. First, no matter what your rank, you are responsible for your actions. As one Nazi after another said, &quot;I was just following orders&quot;, we made it clear this was no excuse for war crimes. Second, given the winners get to write history, we have a deluded mindset that war crimes are things other people commit, not us.<br/><br/>Alex Gibney has tried to send a message about America&#39;s hypocritical sacrifice of longstanding principles by focusing on a single man, a taxi driver tortured to death by American forces in Afghanistan. This focus never allows us to forget that these victims are people just like us, and they are the victims of terrible crimes for which no one has been held accountable.<br/><br/>Gibney reveals how high up knowledge and sanction of these crimes goes. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield are directly responsible for the official policy allowing torture, increasing the number of people who have never faced war crimes charges but should do so.<br/><br/>It is confronting, saddening and maddening to watch. But what undermines Gibney&#39;s effort is that he doesn&#39;t give us the full context. Instead he allows the soldiers&#39; own words to absolve them of responsibility by allowing claims of &quot;just following orders&quot; to go unchallenged. Worse, he allows the miserable excuse of being &quot;poorly trained&quot;, as if an adult needs to be told that torturing people, especially people they know are innocent, is wrong.<br/><br/>This is a cop-out. Our failed humanitarian intervention in Somalia revealed that torturing civilians (often to death) for sport and photographing it is a popular hobby among many military forces, and those of many Western democracies including the US are no exception. Yet we insist on seeing them as one-off instances of &quot;a few bad apples&quot; out of control, rather than an indication of a systemic, ingrained culture that urgently needs to be dealt with. All Bush and Co did was sanction activities many soldiers were already engaging in, but Gibney cannot or will not acknowledge this.<br/><br/>I can&#39;t fault his technical skills, it&#39;s methodical and well-edited. But I cannot add &quot;well researched&quot; or &quot;thorough&quot;. By not giving us the broader context and by not looking at the culture that encourages war crimes among US soldiers, he let these guys off lightly.

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