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Reviewed by H. Martin (~AleXa~) 8/10

This straight-to-video Disney sequel, taking place when Tarzan is stilla boy, is so perfectly executed, it feels as though it could've beenadditional material cut from the first movie. <br><br>Tarzan, finding that he can't keep up with the other gorillayoungsters, begins to question who and what he is, and the film is moreor less about his self-discovery and how he begins the transformationfrom just being a human boy to becoming the 'Tarzan' we all know andlove. <br><br>All of your favorite characters are back (except Jane and the professorof course), as well as the voice talents of Glenn Close as Kala andLance Henrikson as Kerchak. The casting director did a wonderful job infinding a young voice talent to perfectly match the young Tarzan fromthe original. Furthermore, it appears that most of the originalanimators are back as well, for the animation is something to behold,and a few new songs as well as a reprise from the first film by PhilCollins make it that much more convincing. <br><br>This film has the passion and heart that is usually lacking in thegreat majority of Disney sequels&#151;you can really feel the care andrespect for the material by all involved in the production. It's bothtouching and humorous, and not just for children&#151;adults will find thisamusing as well. Now if Disney will just follow suit and continue tomake sequels such as this one, maybe they can actually put more thanone every ten years in the theater.<br><br>VERDICT: Disney succeeds in finally making a worthwhile sequel, much ofthe caliber of the original. Recommended to all&#151;if you liked theoriginal Tarzan, you'll like this one. And to all you collectors outthere, this one is definitely worth the $20&#151;I know I'll be adding it to*my* collection sometime in the near future.<br><br>7.5 out of 10.0<br><br>~AleXa~

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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7/10

I didn&#x27;t see this film until fairly recently, and since I loved theoriginal film and the fact I am a huge animation fan I thought why notcheck it out? And I liked it very much, it is not as good as theoriginal, which I think is wonderful, but it is better than Tarzan andJane, which was mediocre.<br><br>Now I don&#x27;t hate all the sequels, in fact some of them I have liked,King of Thieves, Enchanted Christmas, Simba&#x27;s Pride, Bambi 2 andBrother Bear 2, though none of them are as good as their originals, andthen there are some like Cinderella 2, Little Mermaid 2 and Jungle Book2 that almost completely lack the heart and charm of theirpredecessors.<br><br>This sequel(or midquel perhaps) as I have said is not as good as thefirst Tarzan, but it does have the original&#x27;s heart and charm, that isone main reason why it is one of the better Disney sequels. I do agreethat the story is lacking a bit and drags in spots and the film is tooshort. However, there is some nice humour, and some parts are eventouching. Even better though is the animation, this is easily one ofthe better-looking sequels. The animation in the original undoubtedlywas absolutely fantastic, but here the landscapes, colours andcharacters are just as gorgeously rendered. And I liked the soundtrackas well, not as catchy but it is still nice and upbeat and gives thefilm its heart and soul.<br><br>Tarzan himself is very likable, strong and charismatic even as a youngboy, yet loyal to his family and friends, and I liked Terk as well, shewas funny without being completely over-the-top. The voice acting isstrong, Harrison Chad does a great job, as do Glenn Close, EstelleHarris and Lance Henrikson, while Brenda Grate was surprisingly good asTerk.<br><br>Overall, not as good as the first Tarzan, but it is for me one of thebetter sequels, as it is very well animated and has charm and heart.7/10 Bethany Cox

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Reviewed by Win-14 7/10

I have been a huge fan of Disney for years, but their sequels havetended to be rather disappointing, with weak scripts and/or badanimation plaguing the productions. <br><br>After watching this, I must say, this is one of the best sequels tocome from Disney. The animation quality is what most impressed me- itwas cinema quality. The action sequences, effects, and the charactersthemselves were all rendered meticulously, with a lot of attention tolight and color given as well.<br><br>The characters&#39; acting (both in animation and voice) was very good, andTurk (who I found obnoxious in the first film &#39;Tarzan&#39;) was actuallyvery endearing this time around. I was impressed with the children&#39;svoice acting, as they had to carry a good amount of the film, and theymanaged to do a good job with both the humorous scenes and the few moreserious ones.<br><br>The adult voice acting was very very good, with some of the originalcast such as Glenn Close and Lance Henriksen in the periphery, and theadded great talents of George Carline, Estelle Harris, Brad Garret andRon Pearlman. <br><br>It is not a story as grande or powerful as the big Disney classics, anddoesn&#39;t hold quite as much &#39;awe&#39; as &#39;Tarzan&#39;, but it was a nice talefor kids, with enough humor and production quality that the adults canenjoy it as well.<br><br>7/10

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