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Reviewed by commandercohead 4

I am a big fan of found footage films and also horror films in general... even from Germany... and even if they are cheap...<br/><br/>But what i saw on the premiere of this &quot;film&quot; was really disappointing. &quot;Tape_13&quot; is just boring, badly acted and even worse shot. Director Axel Stein wanted to make the first German found footage film, which it isn&#39;t. There are a lot more German found footage films that were released way before &quot;Tape_13&quot; - they might be cheaper - but they were better.<br/><br/>In &quot;Tape_13&quot; you&#39;ll find no suspense, bad actors with bad English, copied scenes and ideas from found footage films that were produced before and a story to run away...<br/><br/>I don&#39;t think this will hit German theaters - it&#39;s just too bad, too amateur. Maybe a small DVD release for people who don&#39;t know it better.<br/><br/>1/10

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Reviewed by redrobin62-321-207311 5

...that I thought it was bearable. Normally, I eschew found footage film because, at that precise moment when you&#39;re supposed to see something revealing, the camera suddenly malfunctions. Paranormal films are especially guilty of this.<br/><br/>I stayed with this movie all the way to the end credits because of my newly acquired TCL Roku 4K UHD 55&quot; TV. The scenery looked great. The textures and details of the forest and cabin really came through. You could seen the dirt and grain of the wooden interior with great visual fidelity. I don&#39;t know what digital camera was used to photograph this flick, but whatever they used was miles better than the typical found footage cameras.<br/><br/>That said, there wasn&#39;t much to the movie. A lot of scenes went nowhere and amounted to nothing. There really was no story to speak of. Watch this if you&#39;re interested in how digital video looks on an UHD 4K TV.

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