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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7

Hong Kong police officer Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) is sent to mainland China to break up a criminal gang as a supposed supercop. Chief of security Jessica Yang (Michelle Yeoh) is assigned to assist him. He breaks out the drug lord (Kenneth Tsang)&#39;s brother out of prison and infiltrates the gang. Yang pretends to be his sister.<br/><br/>Jackie is his lovable Jackie self. He is fun and compelling. Michelle Yeoh is a terrific second. She has the charisma and a serious acting capability. This one leans more towards the action side and less on the silly comedic side. As a Jackie Chan action drama, this is quite good and like always, it has his great stunts and the closing credits to prove it. It&#39;s also great to Michelle Yeoh getting her hands dirty.

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Reviewed by gavin6942 7

A Hong Kong detective (Jackie Chan) teams up with his female Red Chinese counterpart (Michelle Yeoh) to stop a Chinese drug czar.<br/><br/>In 2009, director Quentin Tarantino named &quot;Police Story III&quot; as one of his favorite films of the past seventeen years. He stated that &quot;Supercop&quot; features the &quot;greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever.&quot; In 2016 during a roundtable discussion, when asked which movie scene he would love to save for the last of humanity to see, he named the final scene of the movie as his choice.<br/><br/>Tarantino knows movies, and he knows kung fu. I doubt any other American director has the knowledge he does regarding the history of the Asian action film, so when he says this has the best scenes, he knows exactly what he is talking about. As usual, I love that the film has a hint of humor right under the surface. Jackie Chan never takes himself so seriously, and why should he?

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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 10

The third installment in the &quot;Police Story&quot; series has Jackie Chan going to China to intercept the henchman (Yuen Wah) of a drug kingpin. Assisting him is a no-nonsense officer (Michelle Yeoh), while his girlfriend (Maggie Cheung) has no idea what he&#39;s up to. As can be expected, the whole movie is an excuse for a series of stunts, namely the sequences in Thailand and Malaysia. I actually didn&#39;t like &quot;Jing cha gu shi III: Chao ji jing cha&quot; (&quot;Supercop&quot; in English) quite as much as the first and fourth movies in the series -- I&#39;ve never seen the second one -- but there&#39;s no denying that it&#39;s a really fun experience from beginning to end. Really cool.<br/><br/>Stanley Tong later directed Chan in &quot;Rumble in the Bronx&quot; and &quot;First Strike&quot;, and then directed the atrocious &quot;Mr. Magoo&quot; movie.

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