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Reviewed by rmax304823 6

This movie has been kicking around on cable TV lately and I&#39;ve put off watching it because I expected it to be another very stretched version of a buddy cop movie. The story seems made for it. Experienced old real-life marshal Wyatt Earp teaches callus young phony cowboy Tom Mix how to solve a crime. &quot;Dragnet&quot; on a 1920s back lot. But it wasn&#39;t that way at all.<br/><br/>It&#39;s true enough that Earp (Garner) hung around Hollywood at the time, or maybe a bit earlier. We don&#39;t really get to know much about his past. But although Mix (Willis) drove expensive cars and wore flashy suits and big hats, he wasn&#39;t a phony. He&#39;d been a real cowboy too, was a great rider, fought in the Spanish-American war, and could take care of himself. Instead of the expected clash between the master and the tyro, we get two guys who pretty much hit it off with one another right away, and show mutual respect.<br/><br/>It&#39;s an interesting friendship.<br/><br/>But then the movie turns darker. A murder takes place. There are fist fights (mostly comic) and several shootouts (done seriously). Willis is kind of cocky. Garner displays the laconic off-hand dignity he showed in &quot;Murphy&#39;s Romance,&quot; or whatever it was. He&#39;s an icon here, with that black outfit and mustache. He&#39;s never been a flashy actor, but invariably a competent one. Off-screen he&#39;s come up with some dandy spontaneous comments about how the social world of Hollywood and the rest of the country is structured. He&#39;s got my vote. Willis isn&#39;t bad either.<br/><br/>The rest of the cast does yeoman work but no one has roles that are as interesting as those of the two leads. And the murder story fails to grip the viewer, at least this viewer. I didn&#39;t really find myself caring who did it, although it was clear from the beginning who the villains were. There was an exception, though, the British actress playing Garner&#39;s former lover. She&#39;s simply outstanding in a supporting part, and provides a great example of how to be beautiful without being &quot;beautiful.&quot; <br/><br/>I wish the film didn&#39;t seem kind of -- I suppose lost is the word. It meanders between comedy, drama, and warmth, without seeming to know just what it wants to do. This isn&#39;t a total failure on Edwards&#39; part. It holds together as a story but the characters bounce off one another. Henry Mancini, who wrote many scores for Edwards&#39; films, shows his versatility here.<br/><br/>The score is quiet and unobtrusive (except for one or two brass bands that seem to follow Tom Mix around) and is punctuated by contemporary recordings, including one by Duke Ellington. The photography is first rate. It must be getting hard to find locations that look like Southern California looked in the 1920s before the irruption of humans and their artifacts. <br/><br/>It&#39;s worth watching. But I don&#39;t know where that title came from. &quot;Sunset.&quot; What is the sun setting on? Not Earp. He&#39;s old but not doddering, and he can shoot and make love even at the &quot;risk of permanent damage.&quot; It&#39;s not setting on Hollywood, which would continue to book for another two generations or so. I suppose we&#39;ll settle for its being one of those generic titles that could mean anything. &quot;Another Dawn.&quot; &quot;Guns of Darkness.&quot; &quot;On the Edge.&quot; &quot;Sunset.&quot; &quot;The Muppets Conquer the Mustang Ranch.&quot;

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Reviewed by 5dawgz 10

I was shocked to read the reviews of this. My husband is a very serious movie buff -- a TV newsman, now retired after 40+ years in the business. I&#39;m a writer (we never retire, we just get older). And both of us love this movie. In fact, when we started switching over to DVD, it was among the first movies we bought.<br/><br/>For me, the essence of a great movie is THE SCRIPT! I love words. I love wit. I love intelligent dialogue. And this movie has tons of wit, great dialogue, memorable lines (give or take a lie or two) and excellent chemistry between Willis and Garner. I liked Willis as Tom Mix, although I am not otherwise much of a Bruce Willis fan (except that I loved &quot;Moonlighting&quot; ... ) I thought he gave a much more subtle and textured performance than he has done in most of his movies. And of course, I&#39;ve liked Garner since I was a girl watching Maverick on TV.<br/><br/>Black Edwards&#39; movies are not everyone&#39;s cup of tea, I guess. I love most of them, and minimally, enjoy the rest. His movies are always intelligent: the wit biting, the dialogue sharp with some extraordinary monologues. For the Blake Edwards fans out there, is there a better monologue than William Holden&#39;s speech, which in many ways, was his own obituary -- in S.O.B. (another of Black Edwards&#39; great films that hardly anyone seems to appreciate).<br/><br/>Okay. I&#39;m finished. I think &quot;Sunset&quot; is a very fine movie. If what you are looking for are car chases, piles of corpses, slapstick, sex, and special effects, this is NOT your movie. If your love of movies includes a love of words, good acting, and sharp humor, this is a good&#39;un.

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Reviewed by gws-2 7

&quot;Sunset&quot; is the blackest of black comedies. I was surprised to learn from watching it on TV last night what a really fun movie it is, given the uniformly bad reviews it received. Pay no attention to the critics, this is good stuff. Bruce Willis, as Tom Mix, and James Garner, as Wyatt Earp, have never been better at their laid-back charm-boy schtick. The plot, while complex and often violent, is not to be taken seriously -- or better still, not to be thought about at all. In this connection, just remember what the movie itself tells you, &quot;It&#39;s all true, give or take a lie or two.&quot; In addition to Willis&#39;s and Garner&#39;s stellar performances, Kathleen Quinlan, as Mix&#39;s long suffering girl friend, is a hoot. The mood of time and place -- 1929 Hollywood -- is perfectly captured: interesting costumes, great looking vintage cars, the last gasp of the Jazz Age just before the Depression. Highly recommended, 7 out of 10.

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