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Reviewed by childoffaith 6

This was a good movie, definitely something that belongs to the Lifetime channel. However, I found a lot of predictable moments and even some areas that just seemed like the acting was worse than others. If you need something to watch to pass the time then it's good for that. I think this movie needed either a better cast or perhaps some better acting that involved feeling. At times it was obvious the actors were detached from the characters. Outside of those problem areas, the movie was good to pass some time. I didn't feel the need to turn the channel, which means it held my attention well enough which can be hard to do sometimes.

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Reviewed by kosmasp 2

I wouldn&#39;t even say that all the actors involved are bad as someone else suggested, but the script is way to badly written. Dialog but also the &quot;suspense&quot; of it. Not that I think there is any - except maybe for the why. Though even that is so easy to see through. There is still no conviction for the act(s) and the confrontation at the end feels like a bad joke.<br/><br/>But if you&#39;ve suffered through the whole thing, you&#39;ll probably will stay for the rest. Even an ending where you wonder why it&#39;s there if nothing happens ... it&#39;s like they wanted to fill in a couple more minutes. Completely unnecessary and does not do any favors to the movie - let alone to the viewers. There are thrillers and movies in general who deserve your attention - this is not one of them

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Reviewed by blanche-2 5

If &quot;The Suicide Note&quot; had actually been about suicide, it might have been a good movie to show to high school students, though these kids are in college.<br/><br/>Actually it&#39;s more of a whodunit with some red herrings, as a psych student tries to find out who killed her roommate. The roommate allegedly killed herself, leaving a note. First to come under suspicion is her boyfriend, with whom she had fought. <br/><br/>You&#39;ll figure out who did it in the first fifteen minutes.<br/><br/>I found the acting typically Lifetime, not great. These actors could have used more help from the director. They&#39;re young, and some of them probably acted as children, then as teens, and are transitioning into adult roles. Basically they learn to act in front of us.<br/><br/>The film merely touched on the reasons for young people committing suicide and didn&#39;t go very much in depth. Frankly I would have given it a different title.

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