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Reviewed by dfranzen70 7

A high school cheerleading squad robs a bank in order to support the burgeoning family of one of their own. They get the idea watching the Keanu Reeves movie Point Break and then watch movies like Reservoir Dogs and Dog Day Afternoon to figure out how exactly to pull the caper off.<br/><br/>Now, I know what you&#39;re thinking. Sounds like a cutesy family movie, right? The kind that warms the cockles, wherever they are. Well, almost. It&#39;s a dead-on, surprisingly hilarious comedy, with perfect off-center performances and a crisp, honest script.<br/><br/>The last cheerleading movie I saw (and quick, can you name more than a couple anyway? Didn&#39;t think so) was the Kirsten Dunst comedy Bring It On. This one blows that out of the water, out of the atmosphere, and out of the solar system. There&#39;s no moralizing. There&#39;s no good-girls-are-right, bad-girls-are-wrong lesson. Heck, we&#39;re talking about teenage girls pulling off a robbery! And one thing that could have sunk this movie early on was a character change. You&#39;ve seen movies in which a character, faced with a new set of circumstances, does a 180-degree turnaround on how they&#39;ve behaved up to that point. In this movie, you&#39;d expect the girls to suddenly become flawless professional robbers. Not so. And while their plan has its faults, it&#39;s still a plan, buoyed by the vacant aphorisms of their leader, the pregnant and chipper Diane (Marley Shelton). Sing-songy and ebullient, the kids squabble among themselves but, in the true spirit of cheerleading and gosh-darn Girl Scout-like togetherness, they pull together as a team. Hip! Hip! Hooray!<br/><br/>Decent cheerleading movies are hard to come by. Come to think of it, so are any cheerleading movies. Oh, not that I&#39;m looking, but I can name only two off the top of my head: Bring It On and the legendary, overlooked (okay, just kidding) 1977 opus Satan&#39;s Cheerleaders. But the latter&#39;s pep squad was in college, so it&#39;s different. But I digress.<br/><br/>Truth be told, there&#39;s not a dull moment in the movie. Diane&#39;s knocked up before the prom by her dimwit football-hero boyfriend. This guy&#39;s so stupid he gets himself fired from such seemingly unfireable jobs as fast-food employee and other glamorous retail employment opportunities. See, in the real world, he&#39;d be upset that the luster had worn off his diamond of an image, having to work with geeks at the video store. But he&#39;s a dope, blissfully ignorant. He knows but one thing - that he loves Diane - and being such a dullard is supremely helpful to the film (and isn&#39;t easy to do; kudos goes to James Marsden in the role).<br/><br/>In short, a real hoot. We&#39;ve seen many bank robbery movies with their own twists and idiosyncrasies; this one&#39;s one of the better ones to come down the pike. Go team go!

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Reviewed by Spanner-2 8

An entertaining comedy with Marley Shelton as the head cheerleader who gets pregnant with the star quarterback&#39;s child. Then, while watching that classic of modern cinema, &quot;Point Break,&quot; on tv she hatches a plan that wouldn&#39;t it be great fun if her and her cheerleader buddies (including Mena Suvari) robbed a bank? Wouldn&#39;t that just help her with her financial problems? This is all very silly and the filmmakers wisely don&#39;t take any of this seriously, producing a very funny comedic take on cheerleading, high school and bad movies. GRADE: B+

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Reviewed by 0G0Y0T0 8

I saw this movie yesterday and I have to say it was funnier and warmer than I had expected. At the beginning, the first 15 minutes I expected another cheerleader movie similar to &quot;Bring It On&quot; someone being jealous (Lisa Janusch) at the head of cheerleader team (Diane), they (B*tch)fight and the underdog wins. So, I did not see much of the beginning because I thought it would be predictable and that&#39;s why I zapped away a few times.<br/><br/>How wrong was I, this movie was funny and unpredictable. I really liked how those girls stick together and stay together, even though all of them had different background. I also liked the way Jack loved Diane, he really did a lot for her. After knowing Diane was pregnant I thought it was going to be a teenage drama with the quarterback ditching the girl and stuff because of because he could not handle the pressure. Instead of the girl getting ditched, she&#39;s robs a bank.......<br/><br/>Of course we have to bare in mind that everything here is fictional and for that reason: please do not take this movie serious (come on guns duck-taped together and still being able to shoot??), just enjoy the movie on a rainy day.<br/><br/>Cheers

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